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Accessorize Your NetAlly Tools

With Bluetooth support built into the EtherScope™ nXG and the addition of the Edimax WiFi/Bluetooth adapter on the LinkRunner™ G2, you can add a number of useful accessories to your NetAlly tools.  These accessories can take your EtherScope™ nXG and LinkRunner™ G2 to another level of productivity in your networking environment.

I’ve put together an Amazon list of some of these accessories that are readily available from Amazon.  A description has been added to each item.  Here is a link to the list.

While the LinkRunner™ G2 does not come natively with Bluetooth support, it is easy to add with the Edimax EW-7611ULB 2-in-1 WiFi/Bluetooth adapter.  At about $13, this adapter allows the LinkRunner™ G2 to connect to 2.4GHz WiFi networks and supports connecting Bluetooth devices such as keyboards and printers to the LinkRunner™ G2.

There are a few devices that have proven very useful that are not available through Amazon.  The first is the Airconsole from  This is a serial console server that may be accessed using both WiFi and Bluetooth.  This battery-powered device allows you to access serial ports on routers and switches, without the need to be tethered to the device.  Simply download the Serialbot app from the NetAlly app store and connect to the Airconsole via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been using the Epson LW-PX400 label printer with both the EtherScope® nXG and the LinkRunner™ G2.  This Bluetooth attached; battery-powered printer prints a variety of labels.  Using the copy and paste feature on the NetAlly tools allows switch and port information to be easily copied from the discovery and AutoTest screens and pasted into the Epson iLabel app.  This makes labeling wall jacks and networking equipment a breeze.

The limits of how these tools may be extended to meet your network troubleshooting and validation needs are limited only by your imagination and toy, I mean tool budget.