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Holidays are No Time for Slow Wi-Fi

Over the holidays you can expect an increase in users and traffic on your network. Learn how to verify if you really have problems with slow Wi-Fi network speeds, or if the problem is somewhere else (wired Ethernet network, Internet Service Provider, or other). Download the "Wi-Fi Troubleshooting: Slow Speeds" whitepaper here.  ....Read more

What does a Duplicate IP Address issue look like?

Within a subnet, it is important that only one station is assigned to an IP address. Otherwise, this can create problems for end-users as they try to utilize applications and network services. In this tech tip, we’ll explore how a duplicate IP can happen and what the symptoms are. How it happens In most cases, duplicate IP conflicts are due to configuration mistakes. Perhaps a technician added a d....Read more

Packet Capture: Getting into the Path of the Packets

Packets don’t lie. Network engineers have heard that statement for years. For the most part, it is true. When a device is placed properly in the network path, it can keep up with the ingress packet stream, and the protocol under capture is playing by the rules, the collected packet data is the gold standard for network visibility and troubleshooting. However, we first need to get past that first s....Read more