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Technology Partners

Our Technology Partners provide best-of-breed complimentary products, training, and consulting to assist network professionals get their jobs done fast.
Whether you are a network manager, engineer, technician or admin, or a field service installer/system integrator, you can rely on these partners and their solutions.

For over a decade Mike Pennacchi, Network Expert and owner of Network Protocol Specialist has provided NetAlly with his in-depth expertise in network analysis troubleshooting and training services. From packet analysis services to online training resources, Network Protocol Specialist will help you get the most out of your network analysis equipment.

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As a global leader in networking, D-Link has over 30 years of expertise developing the highest quality networking solutions to meet the ever-changing connectivity needs for businesses of all sizes. Our Switching, Business Wireless, IP Surveillance, Storage and Network Security solutions, along with our experienced engineering and professional services teams, enable organizations to stay competitive by providing leading-edge solutions with great value. 

PathSolutions TotalView automates network intelligence collection and analysis to enable root-cause troubleshooting and resolution of NetOps + SecOps + Telecom problems with plain-English answers.

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Profitap develops a wide range of state-of-the-art and user-friendly network monitoring solutions for both SMEs and the enterprise sector. Profitap’s high-density network TAPs, portable packet capture devices, Network Packet Brokers, and traffic analyzers provide top-of-the-line performance, enabling complete visibility and access to your network, 24/7.

Watch how combining NetAlly and ProfiTap tool can help you get the right packets the first time.

Marvin Bee is the Owner and President of MB Systems of South Florida Inc. He has over 20 years of experience providing onsite network service for business customers. From design to deployment to documentation, Marvin has utilized the full range of handheld network tools from NetAlly to verify small and large networks for his clients.

IT Business Podcast is your podcast for Business I.T. Support. Are you a solo tech, computer repair shop or Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Listen to IT Business Podcast to get products stories and tips to run your business better, smarter, and faster!

WiFi Academy provides training for everyone that is affordable, accessible, and attainable. We understand how changing dynamics in today’s world have impacted ho we interact and learn new skills. Understanding these dynamics allows us to provide different ways of learning the NetAlly suite of products. Our constantly evolving course catalog enables you to learn the fundamentals as well as tips and tricks from our 20 years of networking experience.

WiTS has remained a loyal NetAlly partner providing AirMagnet Academy training since 2009.

WiTS training options:
1) Open Enrollment: Virtual Classroom: LIVE Instructor
2) Private: Virtual or On-Site
3) On-the-Job

WiTS equips network pros with best practices for surveying, designing, optimizing, and troubleshooting wireless LANs with NetAlly AirMagnet WLAN mobile tools and handheld tools.

WiTS pro-service offerings: Site Surveys: Enhancement, New Design, Validation, Predictive, Installation, SME Consulting: REMOTE and Troubleshooting.

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