EtherScope® nXG

Portable Network Expert

Now with LANBERT™ Media Qualification App and Bluetooth/BLE Site Surveys


Multi-technology, all-in-one handheld network analyzer that enables engineers and technicians to get more done faster, from deployment to maintenance and documentation of their ever-changing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE, and Ethernet access networks.


Check out AirMapper™ for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE site surveys! 

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Key Features

Install, test, verify, and troubleshoot technology upgrades, NBASE-T, 10G, Bluetooth/BLE, and Wi-Fi 5/6 networks with advanced Android™-based troubleshooting apps and purpose-built test hardware

Verify up to 10G Ethernet link performance for critical servers, uplinks and key end devices, and validate Wi-Fi network performance

Empower technicians who may not have access to network management systems or other engineer-level tools to assess and document complex network deployments with multiple VLANs and Wi-Fi SSIDs

Seamlessly consolidate and manage field test data, and integrate with network management systems via complimentary Link-Live Cloud Service

Faster and easier Wi-Fi site and Bluetooth/BLE surveys with AirMapper™ Site Survey including active surveys to validate client experience and roaming. Create and share visual heatmaps of key performance metrics in the Link-Live Cloud Service. (AllyCare Premium Care Support required for certain mapping functions.)

Automatically discover and instantly map your wired and Wi-Fi networks in Link-Live; speeds troubleshooting and keeps network documentation up-to-date. Exports to Visio.


Deploying and maintaining Wi-Fi and wired network infrastructure without the right tools can be daunting… and costly. The EtherScope nXG enables engineers and technicians to get more done faster, from deployment to maintenance and documentation of their ever-changing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE, and Ethernet access networks.


With its simple operation, yet in-depth visibility, and the ability to remotely access and control EtherScope nXG, engineers can now fully enable and collaborate with “local hands” of field technicians at remote sites to expedite problem solving.

Virtual Demos

EtherScope nXG

Home Screen

The EtherScope nXG is the first Android-based Wi-Fi and 10G wired network analyzer. It has a dedicated set of Ethernet and Wi-Fi management interfaces which support remote control and additional testing. It has a BlueTooth/BLE radio, and Android apps downloaded from the complimentary Link-Live Cloud Service can use these interfaces for testing and communication purposes.


Benefits: As a light-weight, handheld, multi-function instrument, EtherScope is perfect for remote site validation and troubleshooting, eliminating the need to purchase multiple testers, and the need to carry a fragile laptop PC or tablet. Android apps make the user’s workflow more efficient, by expanding the usage of the instrument beyond testing, allowing the user to check trouble tickets, run speed tests, configure networked devices, and complete other tasks with its smartphone-like features.

EtherScope nXG


AutoTest is the most comprehensive NetAlly testing App on the EtherScope nXG. It allows you to quickly run a variety of test types and save their configurations and network credentials for access whenever you need them. The App is fully customizable with test “profiles” for wired and Wi-Fi network connections, wireless air quality, and individual “test targets” that can run with any profile.


Benefits:   AutoTest allows engineers to transfer their knowledge of network configurations to the instrument, empowering frontline technicians to run tests against various wired VLANs and Wi-Fi SSIDs with minimal training. The result is a repeatable, documented test with shortened overall test times, which otherwise would not be possible with other test methods.  


Periodic AutoTest – In this mode, AutoTest runs at specified intervals (from 1 minute to 24 hours) and sends the results to Link-Live to view the results over time. This is an effective way to “monitor” aspects of your network for an extended period, or to help diagnose intermittent issues without having to manually execute multiple tests.

EtherScope nXG

Wired Network Test

The Wired Network Test profile verifies PoE Class voltage & loaded power, link speed, 802.1x authentication, shows VLANs supported, identifies nearest switch ports with CDP/LLDP/SNMP, tests for DHCP/DNS/Gateway response, and verifies connectivity (using Ping, TCP Connect, HTTP and FTP) to an unlimited number of test targets. Users can tap on each card to see more details and click the purple floating action button to attach the connection log, comments and photos of the environment (using EtherScope nXG’s built-in camera) to the test results.  


Benefits: With pre-programmed wired test profiles with Pass/Fail thresholds, and advanced VLAN visibility, it is easy for technicians to test various wired network configurations with minimal training. The test results, along with connection log, comments and images can be uploaded to Link-Live for automated documentation and analysis by remote experts.

EtherScope nXG

VLAN Identification and Analysis

The EtherScope nXG Wired AutoTest automatically identifies and lists VLANs supported by the connected switch port by analyzing the VLAN IDs of the traffic received. The EtherScope nXG continues to show the distribution of traffic by VLAN until another wired Autotest has executed, or the link to the switch port is severed.  


Benefits: Proper VLAN configuration of switch ports has become important to the operation and security of the modern network so that various traffic can be properly isolated. The EtherScope nXG wired AutoTest provides the visibility and documentation of VLAN configuration of switch port automatically that makes this previously complex verification task simple.

EtherScope nXG

Nearest Switch Visibility

The EtherScope nXG Wired AutoTest automatically detects the nearest connected switch port by analyzing the xDP (CDP, LLDP, and EDP) protocols received. The EtherScope nXG reports the content of the first xDP packet received as the nearest switch in the AutoTest result. It continues to monitor the xDP traffic received, and lists the source devices and the content of xDP traffic in the Switch Test detail.


Benefits: The EtherScope nXG wired AutoTest provides quick visibility to the configuration of the nearest switch port connected in most cases. Even when it is connected to a switch that has the xDP traffic function disabled or set to be transmitted very infrequently, the EtherScope nXG can still provide visibility to the nearest xDP-supporting devices. There is no need to use a protocol analyzer to verify xDP configuration, which is much easier for network technicians to handle.

EtherScope nXG

Wi-Fi Network Test

The Wi-Fi Network Test profile verifies connection and authentication to selected SSIDs/BSSIDs. It checks the connected channel utilization against the threshold, and tests for DHCP/DNS/Gateway response, and connectivity (Ping, TCP Connect, HTTP and FTP) to an unlimited number of test targets. It continuously monitors the channel, logs events, and provides 24-hour trend graph of signal, noise, and utilization on the connected channel.  


Benefits: An engineer can program multiple Wi-Fi test profiles to empower technicians to validate one or multiple SSIDs with minimal training. The technician can run other tests, such as iPerf or Ping/TCP connect, while the AutoTest monitors the channel status to verify the performance of the SSID connected.

EtherScope nXG

Wi-Fi SSID Monitoring

During the Wi-Fi AutoTest, the EtherScope nXG stays on the channel of the BSSID connected and provides time-correlated trend charts of key health parameters of the BSSID for up to 24 hours: signal, noise, utilization, retries and PHY Tx Rate of the BSSID. Users can zoom in/out to easily conduct a back-in-time analysis of the RF health of the BSSID. The technician can move EtherScope nXG around the coverage area to verify the health of the Wi-Fi SSID. Roaming event is noted as a red bar(s) on the trend graph. The network technician/engineer can view the connection log to understand the connection and roaming process without the need for a protocol analyzer. Screenshot of the trend charts and the connection log can be upload to the Link-Live cloud service for documentation.  


Benefits: It is simple for a network technician to conduct verification and troubleshooting of the Wi-Fi BSSID with the EtherScope. Analyzing a Wi-Fi connection and roaming issues can be conducted without the need for a protocol analyzer. The Android-based EtherScope nXG can execute other applications, such as Ping or iPerf, concurrently with the Wi-Fi Autotest. It is similar to conducting an active site survey of the coverage area.

EtherScope nXG

HTTP Response Time Test

The HTTP test performs a comprehensive end user response time (EURT) measurement when downloading the specified web page. The target can be an IPv4 address, IPv6 address or URL, for either internal or external services. The end user response time (EURT), which is the total time it took to download the web page, is the sum of DNS lookup, TCP connect, data start, and data transfer time.  


Benefit: Using EtherScope nXG provides fast insight into network versus server response issues exactly from the point of view of the user in the access layer, enabling quick triage of who owns performance problems.

EtherScope nXG


The EtherScope nXG Discovery App creates an inventory of the devices on your Wi-Fi and wired networks, along with their attributes: device types, names, addresses, SSID, interfaces, VLANs, resources, and other connected or associated devices. The Discovery App breaks through the “layer 2 ceiling” between Wi-Fi and wired networks, providing the name and IP address of Wi-Fi devices in addition to MAC address – something no other Wi-FI tool can do. It supports SNMP queries and automatically detects problems on the network. Its free-string search quickly identifies devices for analysis, and offers a jumping-off point for further diagnostics using other test apps, such as Wi-Fi, Path Analysis, and Connection Tests. By default, discovery processes run out of all available test and management ports – wired and wireless – upon power-up.


Network Topology Mapping – Discovery data can be uploaded to the Link-Live cloud service to instantly generate network diagrams.


Benefits: The Discovery app provides quick visibility to network health without user intervention. An engineer can conduct detailed analysis of discovery results in real time on the unit, or after the discovery result is uploaded to Link-Live.

EtherScope nXG

Discovery - Switch Details

Discovery offers advanced sorting, multiple “AND-based” filters, and drill-down functions to support quick and detailed analysis of devices discovered. Device details including VLAN configuration, interface traffic statistics, and visibility of connected devices. Remote engineers can take control of the unit and utilize a rich set of context-sensitive tools to conduct detailed collaborative analysis with the onsite technician.


Benefits: Analysis of Discovery results, such as filter and drill down, can be performed either on the analyzer or in the cloud for collaborative real-time troubleshooting or detail analysis after the fact.

EtherScope nXG

Real-Time Trending

The Statistics screen displays real-time trending graphs of Utilization, Packet Discards, Packet Errors. Many of the EtherScope nXG testing apps feature time-based line graphs of recorded measurements, which you can pan and zoom to view different time intervals. These graphs update in real-time and save and display data for up to 24 hours (depending on test type and/or link status). To zoom in on a specific point in time, double tap the point on the graph.


Benefits: Trending over time provides insight into intermittent issues, finding bursts of traffic or errors.

EtherScope nXG

Wi-Fi Analysis

The Wi-Fi Analysis apps show the result from scanning the wireless channels in your environment to discover and gather data about the devices and traffic on your Wi-Fi networks. Wi-Fi Analysis begins when you power on the EtherScope, and measurements update with each channel scan cycle. The EtherScope Channel Map shows unique correlated key performance indicators for each Wi-Fi channel: bandwidth utilization by 802.11 data and noise, retry rate, AP count, and client count.


Benefits: The Wi-Fi Analysis runs upon power-up and provides quick visibility to the network health without user intervention. Remote analysis by an engineer on Link-Live or direct remote connection to the EtherScope enables collaborative analysis and reduce time to resolution.

EtherScope nXG

Detail Wi-Fi Device Analysis

The EtherScope nXG provides unmatched Wi-Fi channel, SSID/BSSID and device-level visibility. By combining information gathered from the Wired Network discovery, the EtherScope nXG breaks the layer-2 ceiling and provides visibility to the Name and IP Address of WI-Fi devices on the same routed network. Users can drill down to view any Wi-Fi channel, SSID, BSSID, and device-level detail. Information under Wi-Fi Analysis can be upload to the Link-Live cloud service for further analysis or export to CSV or PDF format for documentation.


Benefits: Identifying and gaining visibility to Wi-Fi health has never been easier. Detail information of the device can be easily viewed locally on the EtherScope nXG or via remote access. Link-Live Cloud Service provides documentation of the Wi-Fi health down to the channel, SSID/BSSID and device level for easy security, change, and inventory audit.

EtherScope nXG

Channel Map - 44 Selected

Wi-Fi Analysis offers drill-down and filtering capability for detailed analysis of any channel, SSID, BSSID, AP, and Client discovered. Unique correlated analysis of RF traffic for a channel, BSSID, and client provides up-to 24-hours detailed visibility to get to the root cause of Wi-Fi performance problems.


Benefits: The ability to correlate and analyze RF traffic by channel, BSSID, and client with up to 24-hours back-in-time trend graph offers unique visibility not commonly found in field-deployable Wi-Fi tools or mobile devices used by technicians.

EtherScope nXG

Path Analysis

Path Analysis traces the connection points, including intermediate switches and routers, between the EtherScope nXG (connected over Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and a destination URL or IP address. Path Analysis uses SNMP queries to identify issues such as overloaded interfaces, overloaded device resources, and interface errors. It also shows how devices within your network (and off-net devices) are connected.


The Path Analysis app can test through any one of the four network interfaces that have established a connection to the network and have an IP address.


Benefit: EtherScope nXG has the unique ability to break through the “visibility ceiling” between Wi-Fi and wired networks, showing who and what is on your network, where they are connected, and their path by across your network.

EtherScope nXG


The EtherScope nXG’s Performance app provides point-to-point performance testing of a UDP traffic stream through its wired network interface against up to four NetAlly hardware/software endpoints. This test quantifies network performance in terms of target throughput rate, loss, latency, and jitter at a specified throughput.

iPerf testing is available to test the network throughput for TCP/UDP streams over the EtherScope nXG’s Wi-Fi or wired interface to an iPerf v3.0 server, such as the NetAlly Test Accessory.


Benefits: The Performance and iPerf apps verify SLA of critical network links when deploying NBASE-T or 1/10G links to support critical device, e.g. 10G servers, network-attached-storages, and high-speed Wi-Fi access points, ensuring you’re getting the bandwidth you expect.

EtherScope nXG

AirMapper™ Site Survey for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE

With AirMapper, EtherScope nXG users can now quickly and easily gather location-based Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE measurements and create visual heat maps of key performance metrics in the Link-Live Cloud Service.

Import a floor plan image (.png or .jpg) and calibrate the floor plan dimensions (in meters or feet. Or, or automatically push pre-configured and calibrated floorplans from Link-Live to testers in the field. Then touch START to collect data. Tap at various points on your floor plan to collect data; comments can be added to the survey with a long tap on the floorplan. When done, tap STOP, then touch the save icon to send your results to Link-Live for sharing and analysis.


Benefit: Faster and easier than using site survey software on a laptop or tablet with an attached dongle or tethered device, AirMapper is ideal quick site surveys of new deployments, change validation, and performance verification. The ease and portability of this solution enable technicians to quickly troubleshoot or validate the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks by measuring the real-world experience of mobile device users.

EtherScope nXG

Multi-Gig Link Validation

The Wired Link Test shows advertised and actual speed and duplex to diagnose mismatch issues. On links over 1G, each pair channel is graded based on the minimum SNR observed, to verify copper media for Multi-Gig capability (1 / 2.5 / 5 / 10Gig), and provide root cause diagnosis when link speed downshifting occurs.


Benefit: Investment in Multi-Gig infrastructure is wasted if the cable plant cannot support the desired speed. But diagnosis of link “downshifting” is difficult, often leading to finger-pointing between cabling contractors and equipment vendors. EtherScope nXG’s SNR measurement on active links provides root-cause evidence when link speed issues occur.

EtherScope nXG

LANBERT™ Media Qualification App

“Trillions of frames can’t be wrong.”

The new LANBERT media qualification app for NetAlly’s multi-function professional instruments provides a simple and fast method of assessing the quality of transmission and available bandwidth in your copper and fiber cable plant. LANBERT generates and measures the transmission of line rate Ethernet frames over your network cabling infrastructure, qualifying its ability to support 1G/10G on fiber and 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G on copper links. (Test requires two instruments, two EtherScope nXG units, two LinkRunner 10G units, or one of each)


Benefits: With the insatiable growth in bandwidth, increasing speeds of Wi-Fi APs (with Multi-Gig 2.5/5Gbps backhauls), 1Gbps to 10Gbps upgrades, and deploying new fiber links, network professionals must have confidence that their network will transport that data error-free at the maximum speed possible. LANBERT allows you to maximize the utilization of your existing cabling, preventing unnecessary cabling upgrades.


Bluetooth/BLE Surveys

Bluetooth is the second most popular wireless technology in the world, used for many applications from indoor location services to IoT device connectivity. But to this point, there were no solutions in the market to perform location-based surveying and heatmapping of Bluetooth beacons. In response to this market need, NetAlly is introducing the first Bluetooth and BLE site survey solution on the market.

The new functionality will allow EtherScope nXG users to perform a passive Bluetooth or BLE site survey using the AirMapper app and internal radio, thus providing full visibility into Bluetooth network coverage and performance through Link-Live. It will also allow users to perform both Wi-Fi (active and passive) and Bluetooth surveys on the same walkthrough, making it quick and easy to validate Wi-Fi network performance while at the same time validating indoor location services or IoT deployments, as well as possible 2.4GHz Wi-Fi interference caused by BT co-existence in the same band.

The NetAlly AirMapper Site Survey app on EtherScope nXG collects data from the three main beacon types: Eddystone UID, Eddystone URL, and iBeacon. Measured RSSI data from all observed beacons is displayed in a visual heatmap in the company’s free Link-Live Cloud Service. An accompanying data table contains all location-specific details such as beacon type, RSSI, Tx power, class name, services, beacon ID numbers, and more. This data can be easily and quickly filtered, sorted, and included in reports similar to Wi-Fi surveys.

Note: Bluetooth/BLE functionality available on the EtherScope nXG only.

Wired & Wi-Fi Network Discovery, Mapping, Analysis & Security Audits

Instantly see what is on the network and where it is connected, by switch, slot and port number. Identify changes in connected devices and links, and quickly investigate and locate “suspect” devices and identify problems associated with device misconfigurations.

– Discover network devices across multiple VLANs and Wi-Fi SSIDs through four Wi-Fi and Ethernet interfaces upon power up.
– Powerful filter and sort function with automatic problem detection identifies issues such as:
– Duplicate IPs.
– Congested switch ports.
– Oversubscribed Wi-Fi channels/SSIDs.
– Security issues, such as unknown switches, access points with open authentication and unencrypted APs.
– Path Analysis shows the switch/router path to any connected device.
– Batch authorization workflow makes it easy to identify known vs. unknown devices, enabling “who’s on my network” auditing.
– Automatically discover and instantly map your wired and Wi-Fi networks in Link-Live; speeds troubleshooting and keeps network documentation up-to-date. Exports to Visio.


AirMapper™ Site Survey app

With the AirMapper app, EtherScope nXG users can now quickly and easily gather location-based Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE measurements and create visual heatmaps of key performance metrics in the Link-Live Cloud Service. Simple to use, the AirMapper app is ideal for quick site surveys of new deployments, change validation, and performance verification.

– Complete faster and easier Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE site surveys with an entire mobile platform.
– Perform enterprise-grade surveys without the need of a dongle or tethered device with a hardware-based platform for accurate and complete data collection.
– Simultaneous passive and active surveys to gather critical site metrics and validate client experience and roaming on a single
– Collaborate – easily visualize and share survey data through Link-Live Cloud Service.
– Pass Wi-Fi survey data to AirMagnet Survey PRO for more advanced analysis, planning, and reporting.

All-in-One Platform

An Android-based handheld network analyzer that verifies, discovers, and troubleshoots Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE, and wired Ethernet network infrastructures

Native 4×4 Wi-Fi that supports:
– Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (wave 2) Wi-Fi network connectivity.
– Wi-Fi 6 network visibility.
– Analysis of SSIDs, BSSIDs, channel, client devices, and interference sources.

1×1 Android System Wi-Fi supports:
– Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (wave 2) Wi-Fi network connectivity and remote management
– Bluetooth v5/BLE and USB interfaces to discover and configure nearby devices

Ethernet port supports:
– 10/100/1000Mbps to 2.5/5/10G.
– Verifies loaded power from 90W PoE switch.

10G Line Rate Performance Test & Packet Capture

Verify network capacity, performance and QoS, and easily capture packets for detailed application analysis.

– Performance Test app simultaneously generates and measures up to four streams of IP-based traffic through the Ethernet test port to load the network with up to full 10G line-rate traffic, testing for packet loss, delay, jitter, and end-to-end QoS.
– Load the network with up to full 10G line-rate traffic.
– Test for packet loss, delay, and jitter.
– Supports popular iPerf network throughout testing for Wi-Fi and Wired networks.
– Capture wired or wireless traffic to PCAP files for escalation evidence or analysis, with simple but powerful – filtering and slicing controls.
– LANBERT™ Media Qualification app generates and measures the transmission of line rate Ethernet frames over your network cabling infrastructure, qualifying its ability to support 1G/10G on fiber and 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G on copper links.

Verify Complex Networks - Wired & Wireless

Test automation speeds and simplifies validation and troubleshooting – so more people can solve more problems, faster.

– Out-of-the-box AutoTest profiles for Wi-Fi and wired networks that can be customized for your network.
– Execute multiple AutoTest profiles that shorten test time to verify multiple VLANs and Wi-Fi SSIDs.
– Define and assign groups of targets to AutoTest profiles to verify performance using ping, TCP Connect, Web, or FTP.
– Packet capture from Wi-Fi and Ethernet to PCAP file.
– AutoTest results can be automatically uploaded to the complimentary Link-Live Cloud Service for reporting and documentation.

Link-Live Cloud Service

With the cloud-based Link-Live service users can quickly and easily visualize location-based Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE measurements by creating powerful visualizations of the recorded data that allow centralized engineers to analyze test results from far-flung remote sites without travel.

Link-Live acts as a repository for latest firmware for NetAlly Testers that are under AllyCare to download/update.
– Configure and push profiles to testing devices to ensure all test settings are uniform during network testing.
– Claim units into different organizations to track device usage and manage role permissions.
– Remotely update software for all your units using Link-Live.
– Project management feature in AirMapper automatically pushes pre-configured floor plans to tester units.

AllyCare Premium Support Services

AllyCare is a comprehensive support and maintenance service for NetAlly’s Network Tools that offer significant value over standard warranty. Membership of AllyCare can be purchased as either a 1-year membership or the value-added 3-year.

NOTE: Enhanced AirMapper site survey visualizations (Noise, SNR, Co-Channel Interference, Adjacent Channel Interference, AP Coverage, Max Tx/Rx Rates, Max Tx/Rx MCS, plus others) and filtering are only available to customers with AllyCare support on their EtherScope nXG. Click here for information about AllyCare Premium Support Services.

Models & Accessories
Model Number/Name Description
EXG-200 EtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert
Includes: (1) EXG-200 mainframe with Li-ION battery, G3-PWRADAPTER, SFP+MR-10G850, Inline RJ-45 coupler, WireView wire mapper #1, Quick Start Guide, and small soft case.
EXG-200-CE EtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert – Controlled Edition
Includes: (1) EXG-200-CE mainframe with Li-ION battery, G3-PWRADAPTER, SFP+MR-10G850, Inline RJ-45 coupler, WireView wire mapper #1, Quick Start Guide, and small soft case.
EXG-200-KIT EtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert Professional Kit
Includes: (1) EXG-200 mainframe with Li-ION battery, G3-PWRADAPTER, G3-HOLSTER, SFP+MR-10G850, SFP+MR-10G1310, RJ-45 inline coupler, (1) Test Accessory, WireView wire mappers #1-#6, External Directional Antenna, Quick Start Guide, and medium soft case.
EXG-200-KIT-2PK Advanced Performance Test Kit
Includes: (2) EXG-200-KIT
EXG-LR10G-KIT 10G Performance Test Kit
Includes: (1) EXG-200-KIT and (1) LR10G-100
EXG-200-1YS 1 Year AllyCare Support for EXG-200, EXG-200-CE, EXG-200-KIT, EXG-200-LRG2-KIT or EXG-200-LR10G-KIT (covers EXG-200 only)
EXG-200-3YS 3 Year AllyCare Support for EXG-200, EXG-200-CE, EXG-200-KIT, EXG-200-LRG2-KIT or EXG-200-LR10G-KIT (covers EXG-200 only)
EXG-200-LRG2-KIT Includes: (1) EXG-200-KIT and (1) LinkRunner G2 (LR-G2)
G3-PWRADAPTER AC Charger replacement/spare for EXG-200 mainframe with country power cords.
Holster for EXG-200 and EXG-200-CE mainframe 
SFP+MR-10G850 SFP+ Optical Transceiver Module, SX/SR, 1G/10G, 850nm, Multimode 
SFP+MR-10G1310 SFP+ Optical Transceiver Module, LX/LR, 1G/10G, 1310nm, Singlemode
Dimensions 4.05 in x 7.67 in x 2.16 in (10.3 cm x 19.5 cm x 5.5 cm)
Weight 1.68 lbs. (0.77 kg)
Battery Rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack (7.2 V, 6.4 A, 46 Wh)
Battery life Typical operating life is 3-4 hours (Battery life from full charge varies depending on the feature being used); Typical charge time is 3 hours
Display 5.0-inch color LCD with capacitive touchscreen (720 x 1280 pixels)
Host Interfaces RJ-45 and SFP Analysis ports
RJ-45 Cable Test and Management Port
USB Type-A Port and USB Type-C On-the-Go Port
SMA Connector (for External Directional Antenna)
SD Card Port Supports Micro SD card storage – up to 64GB supported
Memory Approximately 8 GB available for storing test results and user applications
Charging USB Type-C 45-W adapter: 100-240 Vac, 50-60 Hz; DC Output Power 15 V (3 A)
Media Access Copper: 10M/100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G
Fiber SFP Adapters: 1G/10GBASE-X
Supported IEEE Standards Wired: 802.3/ab/ae/an/bz/i/u/z Wi-Fi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
PoE: 802.3af/at/bt, Class 0-8 and UPOE
Cable Test Pair lengths, opens, shorts, split-pairs, crossed, straight through, and WireView ID
NPT Reflector
Supporting Operating Systems Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10, Windows® 2008-R2, Windows® 2012, Windows® 2012-R2, Windows® 2016 and Windows® 2019 
Processor 1 GHz or better CPU
RAM 1 GB or more
Hard Disk 1 GB available space
Network Interface Ethernet and/or Wi-Fi


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