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EtherScope® nXG

Ethernet Network Tester & WiFi Diagnostics Tool

EtherScope® nXG

Ethernet Network Tester & WiFi Diagnostics Tool

Taking on the complexity of ever-changing access networks, EtherScope nXG is a powerful network tester & WiFi 6 diagnostics tool that helps engineers and technicians to quickly deploy, maintain, monitor, analyze and secure WiFi, Bluetooth/BLE and Ethernet access networks.

  • Verify up to 10G Ethernet link performance for critical servers, key end devices, and validate WiFi network performance.
  • Portable network analyzer for WiFi 6/6E surveying (with AirMapper™ Site Survey), troubleshooting, diagnostics, and security audits.
  • Supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz spectrum analysis with the optional NXT Portable Spectrum Analyzer adapter.
  • Automatically discover and instantly generate a topology map of your wired and WiFi networks using Link-Live™ reporting and analysis platform.
  • Enables remote engineers to troubleshoot and collaborate with on-site technicians to solve tough problems at remote sites, saving time and cost of travel.
  • Its intuitive and easy-to-use user interface allows you to complete trouble tickets, run speed tests, configure networked devices, and complete other tasks with its smart tester features.

Speed up your workflows and improve end user experience with the industry’s first handheld analyzer for Ethernet network troubleshooting and analysis, WiFi 6/6E surveying, and security audits.

Key Features

*Active AllyCare Premium Support required for in-depth AirMapper visualizations and filtering, automatic problem identification via InSites™ intelligence, detailed topology map controls, and advanced reporting options in Link-Live.

How to use a WiFi and Ethernet network analyzer?

Test it yourself and see how easy it is to use an EtherScope nXG. Click on the orange dots to explore.

Home Screen

Home Screen

The EtherScope nXG is the first Android-based WiFi and 10G wired network analyzer. It has a dedicated set of Ethernet and WiFi management interfaces which support remote control and additional testing. It has a BlueTooth/BLE radio, and Android apps downloaded from the Link-Live collaboration, reporting, and analysis platform can use these interfaces for testing and communication purposes.

As a light-weight, handheld, multi-function instrument, EtherScope is perfect for remote site validation and troubleshooting, eliminating the need to purchase multiple testers, and the need to carry a fragile laptop PC or tablet. Android apps make the user’s workflow more efficient by expanding the usage of the instrument beyond testing, allowing the user to check trouble tickets, run speed tests, configure networked devices, and complete other tasks with its smartphone-like features.

Auto Test
EtherScope AutoTest WiFi Profile


AutoTest is the most comprehensive NetAlly testing App on the EtherScope nXG. It allows you to quickly run a variety of test types and save their configurations and network credentials for access whenever you need them. The App is fully customizable with test “profiles” for wired and WiFi network connections, wireless air quality, and individual “test targets” that can run with any profile.

AutoTest allows engineers to transfer their knowledge of network configurations to the instrument, empowering frontline technicians to run tests against various wired VLANs and WiFi SSIDs with minimal training. The result is a repeatable, documented test with shortened overall test times, which otherwise would not be possible with other test methods.

Periodic AutoTest:
In this mode, AutoTest runs at specified intervals (from 1 minute to 24 hours) and sends the results to Link-Live to view the results over time. This is an effective way to “monitor” aspects of your network for an extended period, or to help diagnose intermittent issues without having to manually execute multiple tests.

Wired Network Test

Wired Network Test

The Wired Network Test profile verifies PoE Class voltage & loaded power, link speed, 802.1x authentication, shows VLANs supported, identifies nearest switch ports with CDP/LLDP/SNMP, tests for DHCP/DNS/Gateway response, and verifies connectivity (using Ping, TCP Connect, HTTP and FTP) to an unlimited number of test targets. Users can tap on each card to see more details and click the purple floating action button to attach the connection log, comments and photos of the environment (using EtherScope nXG’s built-in camera) to the test results.

With pre-programmed wired test profiles with Pass/Fail thresholds, and advanced VLAN visibility, it is easy for technicians to test various wired network configurations with minimal training. The test results, along with connection log, comments and images can be uploaded to Link-Live for automated documentation and analysis by remote experts.

WiFi Troubleshooting Tools
EtherScope AutoTest WiFi Profile

WiFi Troubleshooting Tools

The EtherScope nXG WiFi device discovery automatically detects problems. It shows possible cause(s) for each problem detected, and it has integrated WiFi troubleshooting tools to investigate further and get to root cause. Some of the tools included are:
Packet Capture: You can capture WiFi 6/6E traffic on the 2.4/5/6GHz bands to create a PCAP file of up to 1Gigabyte. Packet slicing and filtering are supported, and PCAP files can be uploaded to the Link-Live Cloud Service for easy sharing.

Connection Test: Verifies connection and authentication to selected SSIDs/BSSIDs on the 2.4/5/6 GHz bands. It checks the connected channel utilization, tests for DHCP/DNS/Gateway response, and validates connectivity (Ping, TCP Connect, HTTP and FTP) to an unlimited number of test targets.

Roaming Test: In the WiFi link test graphs (SNR, Utilization, Retries, PHY Tx Rate) as well as in active test graphs (PING), anytime the EtherScope roams and connects to a new AP, a red vertical line will be shown in the graph. Seeing the correlation between various factors and the roam can help diagnose roaming successes as well as failures.

Locate: Simplifies the process of physically locating both AP and Client devices on the 2.4/5/6 GHz band by measuring their signal strength. Making it easier to find rogues devices or locate APs that need to be replaced.

With its compilation of WiFi troubleshooting tools the EtherScope nXG makes it quick and simple to identify the root cause of WiFi network problems.

WiFi Network Test
EtherScope AutoTest WiFi Profile

WiFi Channels Map

The WiFi channels map provides a visual representation of 802.11 utilization and non-802.11 utilization for each channel on the 2.4/5/6 GHz bands. It also shows number of APs, number of Clients, and retry percentage for each channel.

Quickly determine if channels are over-utilized with WiFi traffic and/or with non-WiFi interference and noise. You can also gain visibility on the level of WiFi traffic and interference over the last 60 seconds on a selected channel, as well as the access points and clients using this channel.

WiFi Device Details
EtherScope AutoTest WiFi Profile

WiFi Device Details

The EtherScope nXG automatically discovers your network through its dual set of WiFi radios immediately upon power-up. The discovery provides quick security and health audits of the network devices across all WiFi channels.
Devices are classified and correlated to provide complete visibility of their name, network addresses, SSID, device type, and where available, traffic statistics. Engineers can name and set authorization status for devices discovered. Discovery results can be directly uploaded to the complimentary Link-Live Cloud Service for storage, conduct detailed analysis of devices discovered with filter and sort tools, or export to CSV/PDF files as documentation.

The EtherScope correlates the discovery result from the wired and WiFi networks and breaks the layer 2 visibility ceiling. EtherScope nXG makes it easy to discover the actual identity of a WiFi device by showing its a name and IP address while most other WiFi tools only show the MAC address.

Path Analysis

Path Analysis

Path Analysis traces the connection points, including intermediate switches and routers, between the EtherScope nXG (connected over WiFi or Ethernet) and a destination URL or IP address. Path Analysis uses SNMP queries to identify issues such as overloaded interfaces, overloaded device resources, and interface errors. It also shows how devices within your network (and off-net devices) are connected.

The Path Analysis app can test through any one of the four network interfaces that have established a connection to the network and have an IP address.

EtherScope nXG has the unique ability to break through the “visibility ceiling” between WiFi and wired networks, showing who and what is on your network, where they are connected, and their path across your network.


AirMapper™ Site Survey for WiFi and Bluetooth/BLE

With AirMapper, EtherScope nXG users can quickly and easily gather location-based WiFi and Bluetooth/BLE measurements and create visual heat maps of key performance metrics in the Link-Live collaboration, reporting, and analysis platform.

The EXG-300, an improved version of the EtherScope nXG with a native WiFi 6/6E radio, allows you to perform both active and passive WiFi 6 surveys on the 6 GHz band.

Import a floor plan image (.png or .jpg) and calibrate the floor plan dimensions (in meters or feet). Or, automatically push pre-configured and calibrated floorplans from Link-Live to testers in the field. Then touch START to collect data. Tap at various points on your floor plan to collect data; comments can be added to the survey with a long tap on the floorplan. When done, tap STOP, then touch the save icon to send your results to Link-Live for sharing and analysis.

Faster and easier than using site survey software on a laptop or tablet with an attached dongle or tethered device, AirMapper is ideal for quick site surveys of new deployments, change validation, and performance verification. The ease and portability of this solution enable technicians to quickly troubleshoot or validate the WiFi and Bluetooth networks by measuring the real-world experience of mobile device users.



The EtherScope nXG’s Performance app provides point-to-point performance testing of a UDP traffic stream through its wired network interface against up to eight NetAlly hardware/software endpoints. This test quantifies network performance in terms of target throughput rate, loss, latency, and jitter at a specified throughput.

iPerf testing is available to test the network throughput for TCP/UDP streams over the EtherScope nXG’s WiFi or wired interface to an iPerf v3.0 server, such as the NetAlly Test Accessory.

The Performance and iPerf apps verify SLA of critical network links when deploying NBASE-T or 1/10G links to support critical device, e.g. 10G servers, network-attached-storages, and high-speed WiFi access points, ensuring you’re getting the bandwidth you expect.


LANBERT™ Media Qualification App

“Trillions of frames can’t be wrong.”

The LANBERT media qualification app for NetAlly’s multi-function professional instruments provides a simple and fast method of assessing the quality of transmission and available bandwidth in your copper and fiber cable plant. LANBERT generates and measures the transmission of line rate Ethernet frames over your network cabling infrastructure, qualifying its ability to support 1G/10G on fiber and 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G on copper links. (Test requires two instruments, two EtherScope nXG units, two LinkRunner 10G units, or one of each)

With the insatiable growth in bandwidth, increasing speeds of WiFi APs (with Multi-Gig 2.5/5Gbps backhauls), 1Gbps to 10Gbps upgrades, and deploying new fiber links, network professionals must have confidence that their network will transport that data error-free at the maximum speed possible. LANBERT allows you to maximize the utilization of your existing cabling, preventing unnecessary cabling upgrades.


Spectrum Analysis

Trying to pinpoint the source of WiFi interference on a wireless network is hit or miss with the wrong tools. Using the optional NXT-1000 Mobile Spectrum Analyzer, EtherScope nXG offers a view of RF interference in the 2.4 and 5.0 GHz bands and its impact on the wireless network’s overall performance. Key graphs and charts include:

- Real-Time FFT - Provides a real-time view into the RF environment.
- Spectrum Density – Displays real-time analysis on signals that are common during the current capture session.
- Spectrogram - Shows intermittent spikes of RF energy that may be causing wireless network problems.

Simplify interference troubleshooting and location by providing visibility into the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz spectrum bands, plus secure the WiFi network by inspecting No Wireless Zones and detecting and locating intentional RF interference sources such as RF jammers.

Native WiFi 6 and 6 GHz Support

With the introduction of WiFi 6/6E the way WLAN validation and troubleshooting is done has changed. New technologies designed to improve traffic management efficiency and support for the 6GHz band were introduced, allowing for higher throughput and better performance in environments where a high user capacity is required – necessitating new technology to test and validate these networks.

  • Validate actual WiFi 6/6E network performance by using a native 802.11ax radio
  • Gain visibility into wireless security threats on the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz bands.
  • Provides accurate 802.11 utilization measurement and enables packet captures of WiFi 6 control, management, and data frames in all three bands
  • Diagnose new WiFi 6E mechanisms of Reduced Neighbor Reports (RNR), Preferred Scanning Channels (PSC), and multi-BSSID beacons
  • Authenticate using the latest security standard of WPA3 and Enhanced Open

RF Spectrum Analysis and Interference

Trying to pinpoint the source of WiFi interference on a wireless network is hit or miss with the wrong tools. Using the optional NXT-1000 Portable Spectrum Analyzer adapter, EtherScope nXG offers a view of RF interference in the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, and visualizes its impact on the wireless network’s overall performance. Users of AirMagnet Spectrum XT (now discontinued) will find the combination of spectrum visibility in a handheld instrument with in-depth WiFi analytics and ideal replacement.

Verify network capacity, performance and QoS, and easily capture packets for detailed application analysis.

  • Performance Test app simultaneously generates and measures up to eight streams of IP-based traffic through the Ethernet test port to load the network with up to full 10G line-rate traffic, testing for packet loss, delay, jitter, and end-to-end QoS
  • Supports popular iPerf network throughput testing for WiFi and Wired networks
  • Capture wired or wireless traffic to PCAP files for escalation evidence or analysis, with simple but powerful – filtering and slicing controls
  • LANBERT™ Media Qualification app generates and measures the transmission of line rate Ethernet frames over your network cabling infrastructure, qualifying its ability to support 1G/10G on fiber and 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G on copper links


Users of AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer (now obsolete) will find that they can now easily capture WiFi packets for in-depth analysis of management, control, and data frames (and even decrypt traffic) with their preferred packet analysis solution.

Instantly see what is on the network and where it is connected, by switch, slot and port number. Identify changes in connected devices and links, and quickly investigate and locate “suspect” devices and identify problems associated with device misconfigurations.

  • Discover network devices across multiple VLANs and WiFi SSIDs through four WiFi and Ethernet interfaces upon power up.
  • Powerful filter and sort function with automatic problem detection identifies issues such as:
    • Duplicate IPs;
    • Congested switch ports;
    • Oversubscribed WiFi channels/SSIDs;
    • Security threats, such as unknown clients, or access points with open authentication;
    • Path Analysis shows the switch/router path to any connected device;
    • Batch authorization workflow makes it easy to identify known vs. unknown devices, enabling “who’s on my network” auditing.


Test automation speeds and simplifies validation and troubleshooting – so more people can solve more problems, faster.

  • AutoTest profiles for WiFi and wired networks that can be customized for your network, then standardized across the organization
  • Execute multiple AutoTest profiles that shorten test time to verify multiple VLANs and WiFi SSIDs.
  • Define and assign groups of targets to AutoTest profiles to validate performance using ping, TCP Connect, Web, or FTP.
  • Packet capture from WiFi and Ethernet to PCAP.
  • AutoTest results can be automatically uploaded to Link-Live for reporting, analysis, and documentation.


WiFi 6/6E Regulatory Compliance Implementation of the 6.0GHz spectrum varies by country. EtherScope nXG 300 models are available in three versions: Full Tri-Band (capability across the entire 6.0GHz band), Partial Tri-Band (capability for only certain channels in the 6GHz band as determined by 802.11d regulatory domain information), and Dual Band Only (for countries where operation in the 6.0GHz band is not allowed.) Be sure to select the model that is certified for use in your specific country. Please contact your NetAlly reseller for more information.

The models shown below are for the “Full Tri-Band” version. Replace “EXG-300” with the following for the other model types:

• EXG-300E Partial Tri-Band
• EXG-300C Dual Band Only (2.4/5GHz)

Model Number/NameDescription
EXG-300EtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert
Includes: EXG-300 mainframe (FULL TRI-BAND) with one year of AllyCare support (EXG-300-1YS), Li-ION battery, G3-PWRADAPTER, SFP+MR-10G850, Inline RJ-45 coupler, WIREVIEW 1, Quick Start Guide, and Shoulder Bag.
EXG-300-KITEtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert Professional Kit
Includes: EXG-300 mainframe with one year of AllyCare support (EXG-300-1YS), NXT-1000 Spectrum Analyzer, G3-PWRADAPTER, EXG-LR10G-HOLSTER, SFP+MR-10G850, SFP+MR-10G1310, RJ-45 inline coupler, EXT-ANT-TRIBAND, TEST-ACC, WIREVIEW 1-6, Quick Start Guide, and Medium Softcase.
EXG-300-KIT-2PKIncludes: (2) EXG-300-KIT. Each unit comes with one year of AllyCare support (EXG-300-1YS). Purchase two EXG-300-1YS for an additional 1 year of AllyCare Support, or two EXG-300-3YS for an additional 3 years of AllyCare Support.

Etherscope nXG 10G Performance Kit

Includes: (1) EtherScope nXG (EXG-300-KIT) and (1) LinkRunner 10G (LR10G-200-KIT)
Purchase LR10G-200-1YS and EXG-300-1YS for 1 year of AllyCare support
Purchase LR10G-200-3YS and EXG-300-3YS for 3 years of AllyCare support

EXT-ANT-TRIBAND2.4/5/6GHz directional antenna for use with AirCheck and EtherScope nXG
Model Number/NameDescription
NXT-1000NXT Portable Spectrum Analyzer, USB based 2.4GHz/5.0GHz spectrum analyzer for EtherScope nXG 
ALLY-SPACKSling-style shoulder bag can hold one tester and accessories, with other pouches and compartments for various tools or personal items
G3-PWRADAPTERAC Charger replacement/spare for EXG-300 mainframe with country power cords.
EXG-LR10G-HOLSTERHolster for EXG-300 and EXG-200-CE mainframe
SFP+MR-10G850SFP+ Optical Transceiver Module, SX/SR, 1G/10G, 850nm, Multimode
SFP+MR-10G1310SFP+ Optical Transceiver Module, LX/LR, 1G/10G, 1310nm, Singlemode


EtherScope nXG Product Datasheet


EtherScope nXG Product Flyer
EtherScope nXG Model Comparison
EtherScope nXG & AirCheck G3 Product Comparison
EtherScope nXG & Optiview Comparison Chart
NXT Portable Spectrum Analyzer
AirMapper Ecosystem Flyer
AirMapper Site Survey Flyer
NetAlly Product Selection Guide
AllyCare Premium Support Services Flyer
EtherScope nXG 300 Product Review


NetAlly Corporate Product Brochure


EtherScope nXG Quick Start Guide (English)
EtherScope User Guide v2.5 (English)
EtherScope User Guide v2.0 (Simplified Chinese)
EtherScope CE User Guide v2.5 (English)
EtherScope CE User Guide v2.0 (Simplified Chinese)
EtherScope nXG Release Notes v2.5
Compliance and Safety (English)
Compliance and Safety (Multilingual)


EtherScope nxG Software Updates
NPT Reflector Software Download
Dimensions4.05 in x 7.67 in x 2.16 in (10.3 cm x 19.5 cm x 5.5 cm)
Weight1.677 lbs. (0.76 kg)
BatteryRechargeable lithium-ion battery pack (7.2 V, 6.4 A, 46 Wh)
Battery lifeTypical operating life is 3-4 hours (Battery life from full charge varies depending on the feature being used); Typical charge time is 3 hours
Display5.0-inch color LCD with capacitive touchscreen (720 x 1280 pixels)
Host InterfacesRJ-45 Cable Test and Management Port USB Type-A Port and USB Type-C On-the-Go Port
SD Card PortSupports Micro SD card storage – up to 32GB supported
MemoryApproximately 8 GB available for storing test results and user applications
ChargingUSB Type-C 45-W adapter: 100-240 Vac, 50-60 Hz; DC Output Power 15 V (3 A)
Media AccessCopper: 10M/100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G Fiber SFP Adapters: 1G/10GBASE-X
Supported IEEE StandardsWired: 802.3/ab/ae/an/bz/i/u/z WiFi: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax PoE: 802.3af/at/bt, Class 0-8 and UPOE
Cable TestPair lengths, opens, shorts, splits, crossed, straight through, and WireView ID
EtherScope nXG has two internal WiFi Radios:Testing – 2×2 Tri-band 802.11ax wireless radio, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax compliant Management – 1×1 Dual-band 802.11ac Wave 2 + Bluetooth 5.0 and BLE wireless radio, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac compliant.
Specification ComplianceIEEE 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.1ax
WiFi Connectivity802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11ax
Operating Frequencies NOTE: These are the center frequencies of the channels that the EtherScope nXG tester supports. Frequencies of channels received and transmitted: 2.4 GHz band: 2.412 – 2.484 GHz (channel 1 to 14)* 5 GHz band: 5.170 – 5.320 GHz, 5.500 – 5.700 GHz, 5.745 – 5.825 GHz (channel 36 to 165)* 6 GHz band: 5.925 – 7.125 GHz (channel 1 to channel 233)* *NOTE: Where allowed my country regulations.The tester transmits only on the frequencies allowed in the country where it is operating.
Internal WiFi AntennasMinimum gain 2.0 dBi peak in the 2.4 GHz band, 1.5 dBi peak in the 5 GHz band, and 2.7 dBi peak in the 6 GHz band.
External Directional AntennasAntenna, frequency range 2.4 to 2.5 GHz, 4.9 to 5.9 GHz, and 6.0 to 7.1 GHz Minimum gain 6.4 dBi peak in the 2.4 GHz band, 8.9 dBi peak in the 5 GHz band, a 8.6 dBi peak in the 6 GHz band
NPT Reflector Agent
Supporting Operating SystemsWindows® 8.1, Windows® 10, Windows® 2008-R2, Windows® 2012, Windows® 2012-R2, Windows® 2016 and Windows® 2019
Minimum Hardware Requirement
Processor1 GHz or better CPU
RAM1 GB or more RAM
Hard Disk1 GB available space
Network InterfaceEthernet and/or WiFi

NOTE: All new EXG-300 mainframes are sold with the first year (1 year) of AllyCare support included. Additional year(s) of support may be added. Product registration and activation is required within 30 days of first power-on.

Certain features and capabilities of this product are enabled by having an active AllyCare Support services contract. For more information about this product’s AllyCare enabled features please click here. At the end of your existing contract, you must renew your AllyCare Support contract to continue utilizing the features described.

Use these support model numbers for extending support at time of purchase or for support renewal.

Model Number/NameDescription
EXG-300-1YS1-year AllyCare support for all EXG-300 models, including full tri-band, “E” (partial tri-band), and “C” (dual band 2.4/5GHz only) SKUS: EXG-300, EXG-300-KIT, EXG-300-KIT-2PK (covers only a single unit), EXG300-LR10G-KIT (covers EXG-300 only)
EXG-300-2YS2-year AllyCare support for all EXG-300 models, including full tri-band, “E” (partial tri-band), and “C” (dual band 2.4/5GHz only) SKUS: EXG-300, EXG-300-KIT, EXG-300-KIT-2PK (covers only a single unit), EXG300-LR10G-KIT (covers EXG-300 only)
EXG-300-3YS3-year AllyCare support for all EXG-300 models, including full tri-band, “E” (partial tri-band), and “C” (dual band 2.4/5GHz only) SKUS: EXG-300, EXG-300-KIT, EXG-300-KIT-2PK (covers only a single unit), EXG300-LR10G-KIT (covers EXG-300 only)