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NetAlly LANBERT™ Testing 1Gbps Bi-Di Simplex Fiber SFPs
Do You Really Need New Cabling to Deploy WiFi 6 APs?

LANBERT™ Media Qualification App

Your copper and fiber cable plant serves as the foundation of your network. But do you know whether it is of sufficient quality to provide the bandwidth required? With the insatiable growth in bandwidth, increasing speeds of WiFi APs (with Multi-Gig 2.5/5Gbps backhauls), 1Gbps to 10Gbps upgrades, and deploying new fiber links, network professionals must have confidence that their network will transport that data error-free at the maximum speed possible. Downtime or intermittent loss and errors is simply not an option.

The quality of components and workmanship of installation is critical, but typical cable certification testers can be very expensive, single-purpose tools – making them cost-prohibitive for many installers and end-users. The new LANBERT media qualification app for NetAlly’s multi-function professional instruments provides a simple and fast method of assessing the quality of transmission and available bandwidth.

Available on the EtherScope nXG and LinkRunner 10G, LANBERT generates and measures the transmission of line rate Ethernet frames over your network cabling infrastructure, qualifying its ability to support 1G/10G on fiber and 100M/1G/2.5G/5G/10G on copper links.

Key Features

  • Maximize utilization of your existing cable plant
  • Qualify copper cable bandwidth for 2.5 / 5 / 10Gbps
  • Validate 1Gbps/10Gbps fiber optic cabling and components
  • Identify maximum error-free throughput

Running the LANBERT test using the EtherScope® nXG and/or LinkRunner™ 10G as endpoints over a long duration (up to 24 hours) serves as a “soak test” to identify the presence of intermittent issues and noise events that can corrupt network traffic. With easy-to-read trend graphs and the ability to drill down to 1-second granularity, LANBERT helps you identify exactly when errors occur.

24-hour “soak testing” with 1-second granularity

Poor quality components and/or installation workmanship can result in links that are susceptible to noise, whether induced from within cable bundles or from outside events such as electrostatic discharges (ESD), crosstalk, or electromagnetic (EMF) pulses caused by motors or other machinery.

Improper connections can cause intermittent conductivity issues, particularly if any motion or vibration is present. This can cause not only bit errors and frame loss but may prevent certain technologies (Multi-Gig) from linking at the designated speed causing a downshift to the next lower rate.

But beware of other testers offering similar capabilities! Standard Layer 2-only Ethernet access link testing will not validate layer-3 enterprise switches and routers. Because it does not test the IP (Internet Protocol) layer, this methodology cannot pass through Layer 3 devices. Thankfully, NetAlly’s multifunction tools also feature the Layer 3 line-rate Network Performance Test app, that can transmit and test across your entire network infrastructure end-to-end – not just one access link and switch. It also includes up to 4 streams with individual L2 and L3 QoS and VLAN controls, essential capabilities for truly understanding the capacity and quality of packet transmission.