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Collaboration, Reporting, and Analysis Platform

Unified results, reporting, analysis, WiFi and Bluetooth/BLE site survey (with AirMapper™), network topology mapping, and data management speeds workflows and enables collaboration across your entire team.

AirMapper™ Site Survey App with InSites™ Intelligence
Create visual heat maps of key performance metrics in Link-Live from site data collected with an AirCheck™ G3 or EtherScope® nXG. Simple to use, AirMapper is ideal for quick site surveys of new deployments, change validation, and performance verification.

InSites simplifies the process of WiFi network validation and troubleshooting by automatically comparing the AirMapper Site Survey data collected on-site to a set of pre-defined (user customizable) thresholds, providing a visual Pass or Fail. With InSites, there is no need to be an expert to analyze WiFi heatmaps and identify wireless network problems. InSites intelligence in Link-Live makes it easy for anyone to quickly identify WiFi network problems.

Key Features

Enables seamless collaboration between site personnel and remote experts or with external clients; no licensing costs means you can collaborate with as many team members as needed.

Available as a free cloud service or Link-Live Private edition for licensed on-premise or private cloud deployment.

Generate WiFi and Bluetooth/BLE heatmaps using the AirMapper™ Site Survey App on EtherScope® nXG or AirCheck™ G3 and automatically identify common WiFi network problems using InSites™ intelligence on Link-Live.

Instantly map your wired and WiFi networks with discovery data from AirCheck G3, EtherScope nXG or LinkRunner 10G (with AllyCare); speeds troubleshooting, simplifies discovery of unauthorized devices and keeps network documentation up-to-date. Exports to Visio.

Simplifies report generation for network deployment documentation and reduces results management overhead for multiple testers and users.

For asset management, ability to associate serial numbers of installed devices, and/or cable/wall jack label to specific tests.


Serving as a centralized site survey, test results, analysis, and tester management system, the Link-Live™ transforms team workflows with the ability to quickly and easily log, document, and report test activity from all NetAlly handheld network testers and analyzers. Once the instrument is connected to either the free Link-Live Cloud Service or the subscription-based Link-Live Private Edition, your test results are automatically uploaded to the dashboard for project management, analysis, collaboration and reporting. You have the option of uploading additional files, screenshots, images, profiles, packet captures, location information, and comments anytime. Also, certain NetAlly instruments with AllyCare Support can receive firmware updates “over the network” from Link-Live as they become available.

Allowing internal hosting for test results, surveys, topology, analysis, and tester management, Link-Live Private Edition allows enterprises to deploy a private instance of Link-Live where public services are not allowed. Link-Live can be easily and securely deployed on-premise using container technology. Link-Live Private can run virtually anywhere, on virtual machines or on physical Linux servers, in data centers or in an enterprise’s private cloud.

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Organize & Filter Results

  • Manage multiple teams or clients by creating different “organizations” to organize test result feeds. (No limit on the number of organizations or test results, and no additional licensing cost enables free sharing and collaboration with as many remote team members or clients as needed.)
  • Add labels and folders for grouping related tests and future ease of access.
  • Prioritize tasks easily by filtering results by level of severity and date. Severity is automatically detected by Link-Live based on errors detected.
  • Filter through results by unit to track tester utility or team productivity.

AutoTest Results Upload & Annotation

AutoTest results can be set to automatically upload to Link-Live ensuring documentation of troubleshooting results. Additional comments and images of the on-site environment can be added to the test result to facilitate better documentation and shorten root cause analysis during troubleshooting escalation.

AirMapper™ Site Surveying

Link-Live provides a simple, fast, and easy way for anyone to generate and share WiFi or Bluetooth/BLE site surveys from site data gathered by EtherScope nXG or AirCheck G3. Through powerful visualizations of the recorded data, centralized engineers can analyze test results from far-flung remote sites without travel.

  • Create visual heatmaps of key WiFi performance metrics including Signal Coverage, Noise, SNR, Co-Channel and Adjacent Channel Interference (CCI,ACI), AP Coverage, Data Rates, TX/RX MCS, Beacon Overhead, Active Signal Strength, and Active Tx Rate.
  • Simplify the process of validating new installations or locating rogue devices by automatically triangulating the position of Access Points on a floor plan.
  • Automatically identify common WiFi network problems using the InSites™ intelligence in Link-Live.
  • Bluetooth and BLE location-based analysis through the use of heat maps
  • Project management feature automatically pushes pre-configured floor plans to tester units.
  • Supports both passive and active WiFi site surveys to gather critical site metrics and validate client experience and roaming on a single walkthrough.  
  • Collaborate – easily visualize and share survey data through Link-Live; no additional licensing cost enables free sharing and collaboration with remote teams or clients.
  • Pass WiFi survey data to AirMagnet Survey PRO for more advanced analysis, planning, and reporting.

Data Management & Notifications

Link-Live acts as a powerful aggregator of test, discovery, analysis, and topology data from your NetAlly instruments.

  • Automatically generate pre-made or custom reports into PDFs or CSV files to share with your team or clients.
  • Available API enables seamless data integration between Link-Live and trouble-ticket or network management systems (NMS) to track performance trends or issues.
  • Upload and store additional files, such as: documents, photos, screenshots, packet captures, and more.
  • Automated problem notification via email can be enabled per instrument, by severity.

Device Management

Link-Live acts as a repository for the latest firmware for NetAlly Testers that are under AllyCare to download/update.

  • Configure and push profiles to testing devices to ensure all test settings are uniform during network testing.
  • Claim units into different organizations to track device usage and manage role permissions.
  • Remotely update software for all your units using Link-Live.
  • Project management feature in AirMapper automatically pushes pre-configured floor plans to tester units.

AllyCare Enabled Features

Essential functions are available to all users for results storage, management, and reporting.

Additional features are only available to customers with AllyCare support on their instrument, such as additional heatmap visualizations in AirMapper and web remote control. For information about AllyCare, click here.

Cloud Security

Relax knowing your data is safe with us. All data transmitted between customers and NetAlly are encrypted using 256-bit AES. Browser connections are also encrypted, via SSL3, ensuring a secure connections between the customers and Link-Live. All customer data is stored in the Amazon AWS secure, highly available, multi-zoned cloud infrastructure, and is replicated to prevent data loss. With AWS’s ISO 27001 certification and validation as a Level 1 service provider under the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), users can rest assure their data is stored safely. In addition, user credentials are not stored, and are processed by a third-party service for authentication and authorization.

  • All authentication calls occur via 256-bit AES extended validation SSL encryption.
  • High-entropy password security using SHA-512 and HMAC hashing algorithms.
  • Third-party services are used to conduct periodic vulnerability scans of Link-Live.

Private Edition

Link-Live is available as a free cloud service, but for organizations desiring a private installation or where public services are not allowed, the new Link-Live Private edition is a containerized, licensed subscription version for on-premise or private cloud deployment.



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Models - Link-Live™ Private

LL-PRVT-GLink-Live Private Edition, software download includes AllyCare Premium Support. Requires annual subscription LL-PRVT-SUB. (Note: both items are required for complete installation and use.)
LL-PRVT-SUBLink-Live Private Edition, yearly subscription includes AllyCare Premium Support. (Note: both items are required for complete installation and use.)

ModelsDescriptionLink-Live™ CloudLink-Live™ Private
LSPRINT-300LinkSprinter® Pocket Network Testern/a
LRAT-1000LinkRunner® AT Network Auto Testern/a
LRAT-2000LinkRunner® AT Network Auto Testern/a
LR-G2LinkRunner® G2 Smart Network Testern/a
LR10G-100LinkRunner® 10G Advanced Ethernet Tester
AIRCHECK-G2AirCheck™ G2 WiFi Tester
AIRCHECK-G3AirCheck™ G3 Pro Wireless Analyzer
EXG-300 / EXG-200EtherScope® nXG Portable Network Expert

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Server Requirements - Live-Live™ Private

Hardware Minimum RequirementsRecommended
Disk Space150GB300GB
Processor4 Cores @1.4GHz8 Cores @2.0GHz or faster
SoftwareTechnology Minimum Verison

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