NetAlly Network Testing Solutions



Wired and wireless network testing solutions that put YOU in the driver’s seat

Managed Service Providers (MSP) and System Integrators need to be able to deliver a wide array of services for their customers on-budget and on-time with a minimum amount of surprise factors, call-backs, and truck-rolls. A challenging job when you dive into your client’s unknown environment.

NetAlly helps you take full control of your projects, from pre-deployment to compliance with solutions that are built around 3 key principles; simplicity, visibility and collaboration

Achieve full Project Control with NetAlly:

  • Fast, thorough network assessments ensure you deliver accurate project estimates
  • Test-as-you-go installation validation, performance baselining, and fast troubleshooting to deliver on-budget and on-time deployments
  • Automated documentation of your client’s infrastructure via our free Link-Live reporting and analysis platform. All your client networks mapped, labeled, and saved in a centralized spot. Instant reporting saves hours of labor.
  • Easy to use ONE click AutoTests provide a full set of network diagnostics in less than a minute. Junior techs can run tests that would normally require a network specialist.
  • Saving you time from assessment to hand-off so you can service more clients.


  • Reduced risks and costs

  • On-budget and on-time deployment

  • Improved customer service & satisfaction

  • Increased profits

  • Automated documentation

  • Ease of use

wired & wireless network testers

Wired Network Testers

Test & validate copper & fiber Ethernet Simplify network validation & configuration

Wireless Network Testers

Wireless deployment, troubleshooting, validation & actionable intelligence

AirMagnet Planning & Deployment

Wireless planning, deployment & network troubleshooting

why people love netally

Owner at Warehouse 5, LLC
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RETURN ON INVESMENT - "It reduces our troubleshooting time onsite. We (managed service provider) used to spend hours looking around for stuff. We would have to pull out three or four different tools. You would kind of have to guess or judge. With the app (on EtherScope nXG), it just kind of brings the information to you. Realistically, we have a pretty good idea what the problem is within 15 to 20 minutes of being onsite. It saves us at least 10 times on the onsite troubleshooting time."
Principle Wireless Engineer at Natilik
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AIRMAPPER SITE SURVEY - THE CROWN JEWEL - "The AirMapper Site Survey app is brilliant at gathering WiFi site survey data, and the Link-Live service that you have afterward is the crown jewel of it. You can easily share that with customers. All that data is readily available on any platform, which is really good. I can use an iPad, I can use a Mac, or I can use a Windows device. It doesn't matter."
Systems Engineer at a consultancy with 501-1,000 employees
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EASE OF USE - "…It is really easy to use. NetAlly has really done a good job on the user interface. It's really impressive because you only have a small screen, but they managed to pack a lot of information on it and make it obvious what you're doing next."
Engineering Director at Presidio Network Solutions
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"I rate AirCheck 10 out of 10. It's awesome. Consistent tools are critical. When we transitioned over to AirCheck, we had several tools from various vendors, and each engineer was doing something slightly different. AirCheck allowed us to standardize operations because everyone uses the same tools, so my engineers can learn from each other."
VP of Networks at ProTek Communications
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"My impression of the ease of use is that it definitely is easy to use both the handheld device and the app walking around."
Technical Director at SystemEngineer360 Pte. Ltd.
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"They [Customer Service and Support] are very efficient and skilled. They respond very fast. I get a response for any technical issue in about an hour and sometimes, even within an hour. Their support is really impressive."