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EtherScope nXG
AirCheck G3
LinkRunner 10G

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Legacy Products

Link-Live™ Report & Analysis Platform

LinkSprinter Pocket Network Tester

LinkRunner G2 Smart Network Tester

LinkRunner AT AutoTester Product Overview

Downloading and Installing AirMagnet®

Licensing Your AirMagnet® Product

Registering Your AirMagnet® Product

AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO Product Overview

AirMagnet Survey PRO Product Overview

AirMapper™ Site Survey app

Cable Test on the EtherScope nXG

iPerf Testing on the EtherScope nXG

AutoTest Profiles on the EtherScope

Upload EtherScope nXG Results to Link-Live

Extended Networks & Discovery

Basic AutoTest on the EtherScope

Physical Overview of the EtherScope nXG

Fast Discovery

NetAlly A Year in Review #MFD5

NetAlly Technology Review and Roadmap #MFD5

NetAlly Product Announcements #MFD5

LinkRunner® 10G Advanced Ethernet Tester

Purpose of a WiFi Site Survey

Preparing to conduct an AirMapper™ WiFi Site Survey

AirMapper WiFi Site Survey Best Practices

View AirMapper™ Test Results in Link-Live

LinkRunner® G2 Getting Started

How the AirMapper Survey InSites™ works in Link-Live™

AirCheck™ G2 WiFi Tester

PoE Troubleshooting with LinkRunner® AT

EtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert with WiFi 6/6E

Measurable Throughput and Performance Testing

WiFi 6/6E Validation and Issues #MFD7

NetAlly Product Roadmap #MFD7

AirCheck™ G3 Product Demo #MFD7

Site Security Testing #MFD6

Memorial Hermann Hospital Reduces Escalations by 80% with LinkSprinter®

AirCheck G3 Product Demo #WLPC 2022

AirCheck G3 Pro Wireless Analyzer

Conducting a Passive Site Survey with AirMapper

NetAlly Real Users – Troubleshoot wireless without needing a network engineer

NetAlly Real Users – Reduce troubleshooting from hours to minutes with EtherScope nXG

NetAlly Real Users – Network staff spends less time troubleshooting little issues with LinkRunner G2

Creating an Account and Claiming Units in Link-Live™

Searching, Labeling, Folders, and the App Store in Link-Live™

Managing Tester Units in Link-Live™

AutoTest Results in Link-Live™

View AirMapper™ Survey Results in Link-Live™

View AirMapper BLE Surveys and Export in Link-Live™

Viewing Network Discovery Data in Link-Live™

Viewing Path Analysis Data in Link-Live™

How to use the InSites™ Intelligence App in Link Live™

Export to AirMagnet Survey PRO to Link-Live

AirMapper Site Survey App

AutoTest – Air Quality

AutoTest – WiFi

Pair an AirCheck G3 with a Test Accessory

Locate Rogue Client Devices with the AirCheck G3 or EtherScope nXG

Utilize the Roaming Threshold on the AirCheck G3

5 Things to Do with Your AirCheck

Getting Started with the AirCheck™ G2

Create a Floor Plan and Import an AirMapper Site Survey app file into Link-Live

View AirMapper™ WiFi Analysis Data in Link-Live™

Conduct a Passive WiFi Site Survey with AirMapper™

Conducting an Active WiFi Site Survey with AirMapper™

Troubleshoot Ethernet Link Problems

Switch/Port Identification on the LinkRunner® AT

Eliminate DNS Network Problems with LinkRunner® AT

DHCP verification with LinkRunner® AT

Link Testing with LinkRunner® AT

Speed & duplex testing with LinkRunner® AT

AirMagnet Spectrum XT

How to use a split screen on the AirCheck G3

Manage Testers in Link-Live

Top Traffic Analysis – WiFi Analyzer Pro

Create Reports in WiFi Analyzer Pro

Decodes – WiFi Analyzer Pro

How to use Filters in WiFi Analyzer Pro

How to use channels in WiFi Analyzer Pro

How to use AirWise in WiFi Analyzer Pro

Using the Start Screen in WiFi Analyzer Pro

Getting Started with WiFi Analyzer Pro

Collaborative Troubleshooting with EtherScope


WiFi Application

Saved Profile Groups

Path Analysis

Packet Capture

AutoTest – Wired

iPerf Testing


Real World Access Layer Ethernet Troubleshooting with LinkRunner G2

Wireless Discovery & Packet Captures on the OneTouch AT Network Assistant

Infrastructure Tests on the OneTouch AT Network Assistant

Reporting on the OneTouch AT Network Assistant

Configuration on the OneTouch AT Network Assistant

Roaming WiFi Test

Extended Networks & Discovery Ranges on the EtherScope

Validating VLANs on the EtherScope

Wireless Packet Capture on the EtherScope