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Product videos on NetAlly handheld network testers and AirMagnet mobile software




EtherScope nXG
AirCheck G3
LinkRunner 10G


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Memorial Hermann Health Care reduces escalations to network engineering by 80% with LinkSprinter

Link-Live Cloud Service by NetAlly

LinkSprinter Pocket Network Tester

LinkRunner G2 Smart Network Tester

LinkRunner AT Autotester Product Video

AirMagnet Installation Video

AirMagnet Installation Help – Downloading and Installing Your Software

AirMagnet Licensing

AirMagnet Installation Help – Launching and Licensing Your Product

AirMagnet Registration

AirMagnet Installation Help – Registering Your Product

AirMagnet Wi-Fi Analyzer PRO Product Overview

AirMagnet Spectrum XT Product Overview

AirMagnet Survey PRO Product Overview

AirMapper™ Site Survey app

EtherScope nXG – Cable Test

EtherScope nXG – iPerf Testing

EtherScope nXG – AutoTest

EtherScope nXG – Upload to Link-Live

EtherScope nXG – Discovery

EtherScope nXG – Basic AutoTest

EtherScope nXG – Physical Overview

EtherScope nXG Fast Discovery Video

EtherScope nXG Fast Discovery

NetAlly Year in Review – 2020

NetAlly Technology Review – 2020

NetAlly Product Roadmap – 2020

LinkRunner® 10G Advanced Ethernet Tester

Purpose of a Wi-Fi Site Survey – Step 1

Preparing to Conduct an AirMapper Wi-Fi Site Survey – Step 2

AirMapper Wi-Fi Site Survey Best Practices – Step 3

Conducting a Wi-Fi Site Survey with AirMapper – Step 4

Reviewing AirMapper™ Test Results in Link-Live – Step 5

Export to AirMagnet® Survey PRO from Link-Live – Step 6

LinkRunner G2 Quick Start Video

How the AirMapper Survey InSites™ works in Link-Live™

AirCheck G2 Wi-Fi Tester

EtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert – now with Wi-Fi 6/6E

Network Performance Testing on Remote Sites

Identify Wi-Fi 6/6E Validation and Issues with AirCheck

NetAlly Product Roadmap – 2022

NetAlly AirCheck Product Introduction

NetAlly Site Security Testing

LANBERT™ Multi-Gig Media Qualification

Network Security Site Auditing – Simplified

Client Behavior & TX/RX Rate Testing with AirCheck G3

AirCheck G3 Pro Wireless Analyzer

NetAlly Real Users – Gain valuable time with EtherScope nXG

NetAlly Real Users – LinkRunner helps with logging and diagnostic troubleshooting

NetAlly Real Users – Troubleshoot wireless without needing a network engineer

NetAlly Real Users – Reduce troubleshooting from hours to minutes with EtherScope nXG

NetAlly Real Users – Network staff spends less time troubleshooting little issues with LinkRunner G2