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Product videos on NetAlly handheld network testers and AirMagnet mobile software




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EtherScope nXG
AirCheck G3
LinkRunner 10G

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Legacy Products

LinkRunner AT Reinvented – Next Generation Network & Cable Tester

Performance Reflector

Switch Test

LinkRunner AT 3000 & 4000 – Next Generation Copper & Fiber Ethernet AutoTester

Challenge of Packet Captures

Working with your Packets

Cable Test

NetAlly App Store

Air Quality AutoTest

Performance Test

Import ACL files

Spectrum Analyzer

Ping/TCP Connect

Interferers 101

Prioritizing Interferers

Finding a Device

Recording and Playback with Spectrum XT

Getting Started with Spectrum XT

Auto Detect Spectrum

Pair an AirCheck G3 with a Test Accessory

Wall Extraction from CAD with AirMagnet Survey PRO

Using Planner in AirMagnet Survey PRO

Using Multiple Adapters in AirMagnet Survey PRO

Survey Type in AirMagnet Survey PRO

Starting a New Project in AirMagnet Survey PRO

Multifloor Planner on AirMagnet Survey PRO

Heatmaps Types on AirMagnet Survey Pro

Getting Started with AirMagnet Survey Pro

MultiView and Diff View in AirMagnet Survey PRO

Conduct a Survey

LANBERT™ Testing

Test Accessory Pocket iPerf Server

WiFi Interference and Throughput

Screen Tip Captures

Working with WiFi Profiles

NetAlly Company Introduction #MFD6

AirMapper Site Survey Product Demo #MFD6

NetAlly Technology Perspective #MFD4

NetAlly Company Introduction #MFD4

NetAlly Product Portfolio #MFD4

NetAlly Product Roadmap #WLPC 2020

EtherScope® nXG Product Demo #WLPC 2020

What’s happening in WiFi Technology today? #WLPC 2022

CyberScope™ Product Demo #MFD7

Enabling WiFi Site Assessments with NetAlly CyberScope #MFD7

Beyond the Air #WLPC 2019

Network Performance Test to Client Remote

Perform an AP on a Stick Site Survey

Internet Validation Test on the LinkRunner G2

Periodic AutoTest on the EtherScope

Wireless Packet Capture on the EtherScope

Validating VLANs on the EtherScope

Extended Networks & Discovery Ranges on the EtherScope

Roaming WiFi Test

Configuration on the OneTouch AT Network Assistant

Reporting on the OneTouch AT Network Assistant

Infrastructure Tests on the OneTouch AT Network Assistant

Wireless Discovery & Packet Captures on the OneTouch AT Network Assistant

Real World Access Layer Ethernet Troubleshooting with LinkRunner G2


iPerf Testing

AutoTest – Wired

Packet Capture

Path Analysis

Saved Profile Groups

WiFi Application


Getting Started with WiFi Analyzer Pro

Using the Start Screen in WiFi Analyzer Pro

How to use AirWise in WiFi Analyzer Pro

How to use channels in WiFi Analyzer Pro

How to use Filters in WiFi Analyzer Pro

Decodes – WiFi Analyzer Pro

Create Reports in WiFi Analyzer Pro

Top Traffic Analysis – WiFi Analyzer Pro

Manage Testers in Link-Live

How to use a split screen on the AirCheck G3

AirMagnet Spectrum XT

Speed & duplex testing with LinkRunner® AT

Link Testing with LinkRunner® AT

DHCP verification with LinkRunner® AT

Eliminate DNS Network Problems with LinkRunner® AT

Switch/Port Identification on the LinkRunner® AT

Troubleshoot Ethernet Link Problems

Conducting an Active WiFi Site Survey with AirMapper™

Conduct a Passive WiFi Site Survey with AirMapper™

View AirMapper™ WiFi Analysis Data in Link-Live™

Create a Floor Plan and Import an AirMapper Site Survey app file into Link-Live

Getting Started with the AirCheck™ G2

5 Things to Do with Your AirCheck

Utilize the Roaming Threshold on the AirCheck G3

Locate Rogue Client Devices with the AirCheck G3 or EtherScope nXG

Pair an AirCheck G3 with a Test Accessory

AutoTest – WiFi

AutoTest – Air Quality

AirMapper Site Survey App

Export to AirMagnet Survey PRO to Link-Live

How to use the InSites™ Intelligence App in Link Live™

Viewing Path Analysis Data in Link-Live™

Viewing Network Discovery Data in Link-Live™