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The Most Common Reasons for Wi-Fi Roaming Problems

Have you ever noticed how while standing in one place the Wi-Fi network works great, but while walking around the building you get disconnected or the performance drops drastically? Well, the reason for these issues you have encountered is problems with Wi-Fi roaming, which regretfully is one of the most common reasons for Wi-Fi connection and performance problems. After all, roaming behavior is h....Read more

Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems? Here is why...

As network professionals, we have all encountered them, the dreaded Wi-Fi-is-not-working complaints. You’re peacefully getting some work done at the office and then out of nowhere someone comes in and starts complaining about not being able to connect to the wireless network, about getting disconnected from the wireless network all the time, about not being able to connect to the internet, and so ....Read more

PoE Issues… How to Find and Avoid Common Problems

Network World cites ( a survey the Ethernet Alliance (  conducted, in which a significant number of users reported issues with PoE including reliability, long repair times, and connection challenges. This should be of key concern to network operators, who – in addition to delivering voice and data – are now in the “power delivery business.”Today, PoE i....Read more

AirCheck G2 Wireless Management Port

AirCheck G2 Wireless Management Port There are times when it is necessary to ship the AirCheck G2 out to a remote site to troubleshoot a wireless issue.  By connecting the wired port on the side of the AirCheck G2 to the network and putting the unit into remote mode, it can be controlled using VNC.  An even better configuration is to setup the AirCheck G2 to be remotely controlled wirelessly. To d....Read more

Understanding Channel Trashing and What to do About it

Radio Resource Management (RRM) is a technology used by most access point vendors that simplifies Wi-Fi network management by removing the need to manually assign radio channels or adjust the power levels for each access point. With RRM enabled access point controllers can automatically adjust radio channel assignments and power levels to help:Reduce interference between your access points or inte....Read more

Using USB-Powered Accessories with the AirCheck™ G2

At some point, you may find it handy to use a third-party accessory when in the field with your AirCheck G2. For example, if you want to control your AirCheck remotely, a TP-Link WR702N micro-router is necessary. Powering this router with enough milliamps (mA) constantly is crucial. This particular micro-router draws 190 mA on startup and constantly pulls 140 mA during operation.The AirCheck G2 co....Read more
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