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Documenting Your Wi-Fi Network Doesn't Have to be Painful

It’s true that Wi-Fi network documentation isn’t the most fun thing to do. In fact, it can be such an eye-rolling task that engineers in many organizations avoid it until necessary. In some cases, documentation is considered a low priority task – until a problem strikes. When troubleshooting a critical problem, good Wi-Fi network documentation can mean the difference between quick resolution and c....Read more

Understand Noise with Wi-Fi SNR

SNR, or Signal to Noise Ratio, also dBm, or decibel margins, is a measurement of how strong a signal is through the noise of the medium it is traveling through. It is the ratio of Signal to Noise. For example, a Signal of -24dBm with a noise of -90dBm would yield a SNR of 66dB. SNR Connection Quality 10dB - 15dB Unreliable Connection 16dB - 24dB Poor 25dB - 40dB Good 41dB or Greater Excellent Nois....Read more

EtherScope nXG Fast Discovery

EtherScope nXG helps you to know your network in under 1 minute.....Read more