NetAlly Network Testing Solutions

LinkRunner® G2 Smart Network Tester

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Supporting the growth of network connected devices can be challenging, especially when technicians rely on their own devices and a variety of apps to run diagnostics. This next-generation enhanced network diagnostic tester simplifies network validation and configuration of copper and fiber Ethernet networks, streamlining workflows by combining essential functions of installation and triage in a single, ruggedized unit.

  • Automates hardware tests for Power over Ethernet (PoE), cable, VLAN, and link speed that would be difficult to conduct using laptops or mobile phones
  • Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of network operations by accelerating network deployment and problem identification
  • Intuitive design runs Android-based apps with smartphone-like features, empowering onsite teams to get networks up and running quickly
  • Automates reporting and enables collaboration with upload and management of test results via Link-Live

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