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PoE Defined and How to Avoid Common Issues

PoE “Power over Ethernet” has become a very common technology in today’s enterprise environments. As the demand for PoE increases, the demand for increased power goes up as well. The current standard of 802.3bt provides up to 71W. It’s important to validate that the expected Power is being supplied by the PoE.Today, PoE is powering many mission critical devices, including VoIP systems, Wi-Fi netwo....Read more

I Want to Upgrade to 802.11ax. Can I Just Buy and Install Some APs?

There is an important migration path if your organization is considering the implementation of 802.11ax. With this new wireless technology, the benefits are huge in terms of user capacity and bandwidth per user. However, these gains can only be realized if 802.11ax is properly implemented. It’s not as simple as just buying APs and lighting them up.While 802.11ax can co-exist with older technologie....Read more

Running an AutoTest on the EtherScope nXG

Watch how a single AutoTest with NetAlly® EtherScope nXG can comprehensively analyze your network, wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi.....Read more

Remote Site Packet Capture & Analysis

Getting packet-level visibility is tough when trying to solve problems going on at remote sites, particularly when troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues. In this short video, learn how to use EtherScope nXG remotely and Link-Live Cloud Service to solve remote site problems. Includes a segment on setting filters in WireShark.....Read more

Validating Remote Worker Connectivity & Performance

Without remote technical staff and the inability to travel to troubleshoot, it’s difficult to isolate problems caused by bandwidth issues and packet loss. In this short video, we’re going to show how to use the Network Performance Test client software and the EtherScope nXG to diagnose the performance of links to/from remote sites.....Read more

Differences between Wi-Fi Throughput, Bandwidth and Data Rates

Before you can start troubleshooting problems with slow Wi-Fi network speeds, you need to verify if there really is a problem. The easiest way to confirm this is to measure your network’s actual upload and download speeds. Still, how do you do that? Can you do that by just looking at the PHY data rates being used? Could you use your network’s expected bandwidth? Or do you need to actually measure ....Read more
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