NetAlly Announces New My AirMagnet Portal

Important Updates for My AirMagnet Customers (Effective December 10, 2019)

With the launch of NetAlly earlier this year, we recently made changes to the existing My AirMagnet portal. From the NetAlly website, My AirMagnet customers will now be directed to (Please update your bookmarks!)

As part of NetAlly’s commitment to supporting all AirMagnet® Mobile customers, the My AirMagnet portal has been streamlined to improve your user experience. While the core features remain the same, multiple improvements have been made. Here are some of the highlights:

Main Page – Provides quick access to active licenses, software downloads, drivers, antenna patterns, documentation, and training videos (if you have active AllyCare Support)

Registered Products/Downloads – Lists AirMagnet Mobile licenses and software updates

Product Registration – Register new AirMagnet Mobile products

MAC Address Reset – Self-service option that allows you to transfer your software licenses to another device by assigning a new MAC address

Knowledge Base – Find answers to the most common AirMagnet Mobile product questions

 – IMPORTANT NOTE – OptiView® and AirMagnet® Enterprise Owners

For customers that own AirMagnet Mobile licenses as part of the NETSCOUT® OptiView XG or owners of NETSCOUT’s AirMagnet Enterprise (AME), please notice that these products are not supported through the NetAlly website or the new version of My AirMagnet mentioned above. Support for these products will continue to be provided through the NETSCOUT portal.

Note: Please remember, do not to register new AirMagnet Mobile products on Please use the NetAlly site mentioned above to register new AirMagnet Planner, AirMagnet Survey, AirMagnet Spectrum XT, or AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer licenses.