NetAlly’s EtherScope® nXG Named “Testing/Monitoring Product of the Year Award” Winner for 2020 from Network Computing Magazine

EtherScope® nXG is the industry’s first fully integrated wired/wireless handheld network analyzer, delivering best-in-class network visibility, comprehensive analysis, and easier collaboration.

Colorado Springs, Colorado. USA – October 19, 2020 – Furthering NetAlly’s reputation as an industry leader, the company’s EtherScope® nXG integrated wired/wireless network analyzer has been recognized as the “Testing/Monitoring Product of the Year Award” winner for 2020 by Network Computing Magazine. This game-changing tool is the industry’s first fully-integrated wired/wireless handheld network analyzer, delivering best-in-class network visibility, comprehensive analysis, and easier collaboration.

“NetAlly is truly honored to have been selected by Network Computing Magazine for this prestigious award from a crowded field of competitors,” explained James Kahkoska, NetAlly CTO. “This win validates the EtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert’s standing as a best-of-breed device that puts a powerful Wi-Fi and LAN testing and analysis suite conveniently at the fingertips of network engineers.”

The EtherScope nXG enables network engineers and technicians to quickly discover, analyze, and troubleshoot wired and wireless enterprise networks—all via a single user interface. EtherScope nXG empowers network professionals to more easily manage inventory and detect rogue devices faster, before they can do harm to the network. This flexible tool provides a more holistic view of network performance, including VLAN traffic analysis, enhanced nearest switch detection, and time-trended analysis to investigate intermittent faults. EtherScope nXG also shares critical information between onsite technicians and centrally located network engineers via NetAlly’s complimentary Link-Live Cloud Service, making it possible to remotely solve problems even when network issues occur in distant locations.

“For the past 25 years, NetAlly has set the standard for portable network testing,” concluded Mike Parrottino, NetAlly CEO. “We are passionate about improving network visibility, accelerating and simplifying testing and analysis, and enhancing team collaboration, which is proven out by this award win for the EtherScope nXG. NetAlly remains firmly committed to creating the very best test equipment possible and being an industry pacesetter.”

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The NetAlly® family of network test and analysis solutions have been helping network engineers and technicians better deploy, manage, and maintain today’s complex wired and wireless networks for decades. Since creating the industry’s first handheld network analyzer in 1993, NetAlly continues to set the standard for portable network analysis. With tools that include EtherScope™ nXG, AirMagnet®, LinkRunner®, LinkSprinter®, AirCheck™, and more, NetAlly simplifies the complexities of network testing, provides instant visibility for efficient problem resolution, and enables seamless collaboration between site personnel and remote experts. To learn more and see how NetAlly helps network professionals get their jobs done fast, visit