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Documenting Your WiFi Network Doesn’t Have to be Painful

It’s true that WiFi network documentation isn’t the most fun thing to do. In fact, it can be such an eye-rolling task that engineers in many organizations avoid it until necessary. In some cases, documentation is considered a low priority task – until a problem strikes.

When troubleshooting a critical problem, good WiFi network documentation can mean the difference between quick resolution and costly downtime. Keeping documentation current doesn’t have to be difficult. Networking testing tools like the EtherScope® nXG and AirCheck G2 perform WiFi network discovery and automatically map the WiFi network as-built and can go a long way toward ensuring that engineers have access to updated documentation when a problem strikes.

Author Bio –
Product Manager – Wireless

Julio Petrovitch is a product manager at NetAlly, plus a certified CWNA/CWAP/CWDP/CWSP. He’s worked with network design, testing and validation for more than 15 years. Throughout he’s career he has had the opportunity to work with multiple networking technologies, including POTS, DSL, Copper/Fiber Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and BLE.