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Ethernet Link Testing with AirCheck™ G3 Pro

Even though the AirCheck G3 Pro does not include an integrated Ethernet port it provides multiple options for wired link testing.

  • USB to Ethernet Adapter

    Sometimes you may find yourself needing to upload test results to Link-Live but have no access to a WiFi connection (in the middle of a no wireless zone for example). For cases like this the AirCheck G3 supports the use on any USB (Type A or Type C) to Ethernet adapter. In addition to providing a wired management connection for pushing results to Link-Live or cloud remote control operation, this also provides ‘basic’ connectivity testing as you will see Link/Traffic LEDs on the adapter, plus the AirCheck G3 will show the wired IP address.
  • Pair with a LinkSprinter or Test Accessory

    The AirCheck G3 can ‘Pair’ with a LinkSprinter or Test Accessory that is part of the same “Organization” via Link-Live.  Anytime a wired test is run from the paired tester (on a link with connectivity to Link-Live), the results will be automatically pushed from Link-Live back to the AirCheck G3 where they will be displayed – think of it as a display on the LinkSprinter or Test Accessory when the LEDs do not provide enough information.
  • Connect to a LinkSprinter WiFi Radio

    AirCheck G3’s management radio can be connected to LinkSprinter’s WiFi AP, using the web browser for a virtual user interface to the tool.