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•  EtherScope®  nXG
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WiFi Topology Guide on the EtherScope

By utilizing both radios in the EtherScope, a complete network topology can be acquired even when untethered. Simply let the WiFi Test radio scan while connecting the WiFi management radio to the SSID of interest. The status line provides an indication of the status:

Additional information is found by swiping down from the top.

This allows the scanning test radio to detect all clients, APs and their associations in the air, while the connected radio can actively discover and classify details of the WiFi clients by IP address, NetBIOS/mDNS/SNMP name, and services (e.g. printer).
Once discovery is 100% completed, the current snapshot can be uploaded to Link-Live for topology mapping and offline analysis using the “three-dot” menu in the upper right of the Discovery title bar.