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Know the Relationship Between QoS and Voice Over Wi-Fi

Packet drops and jitter can greatly reduce the quality of a Voice Over Wi-Fi call. When troubleshooting Voice Over Wi-Fi call quality issues the following items should be looked at.• QoS Configuration• Latency• Jitter• Signal Strength• SNR• Roaming • Packet LossA simple ping test can be used to exam the latency. The latency should not exceed 150ms, ideally it should be much less. Also, the latency....Read more

PING Usage and Limitations

Ask any network pro what kind of test they try first when taking on a trouble ticket… Inevitably, they’ll say, “I send a Ping.” But why use Ping?Ping is a protocol used to verify device availability, response time, and packet loss in a network by sending ICMP (Internet Control Messaging Protocol) Echo Request frames to an end network device and listening for the Echo Reply frames from the device. ....Read more