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PoE Defined and How to Avoid Common Issues

PoE “Power over Ethernet” has become a very common technology in today’s enterprise environments. As the demand for PoE increases, the demand for increased power goes up as well. The current standard of 802.3bt provides up to 71W. It’s important to validate that the expected Power is being supplied by the PoE.Today, PoE is powering many mission critical devices, including VoIP systems, Wi-Fi netwo....Read more

Understanding PoE Terminology

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that enables Ethernet cables to carry electrical power to devices such as Wi-Fi access points, IP cameras, VoIP phones, signage, and other networked devices along with data. Before the advent of PoE (circa 2003), outlets and external power adapters were necessary to power these devices. PoE uses two or four twisted pairs in a standard Ethernet cable to sup....Read more

Different Ways to Tackle Remote Troubleshooting – Step 2

There are a few key challenges with respect to troubleshooting your remote site networks. The primary one being the profile of your on-site personnel. Lack of expertise at remote sites often results in travel by senior IT staff to gain the visibility needed to identify the root causes of problems. But, of course, travel is not an option in many cases. Your evaluation of the on-site support situati....Read more

Periodic AutoTest with NetAlly's EtherScope nXG

Monitoring for Intermittent Issues – EtherScope nXG’s AutoTest feature that consolidates many different diagnostics into one easily executable test, can now be run in “Periodic Mode” to take multiple test samples over a time period. Ideal for investigating difficult intermittent issues, the data is automatically uploaded for analysis to the Link-Live Cloud Service, with test result notifications s....Read more

PoE Issues… How to Find and Avoid Common Problems

Network World cites ( a survey the Ethernet Alliance (  conducted, in which a significant number of users reported issues with PoE including reliability, long repair times, and connection challenges. This should be of key concern to network operators, who – in addition to delivering voice and data – are now in the “power delivery business.”Today, PoE i....Read more

USB-C Power packs extend portability of EtherScope nXG

Network professionals face many different challenges from day to day. But even in a single day, you may find yourself needing to troubleshoot a Wi-Fi performance problem in the morning, and capture packets for escalation evidence in the afternoon. Having the powerful capabilities of EtherScope nXG in a handheld instrument makes these tasks easy, but even with the typical 2 ½ hour battery run time,....Read more
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