AirMapper™ Site Survey

Site surveying and complete Wi-Fi analysis in the palm of your hand – no laptop, no dongle, and no tethered device.

Introducing the new AirMapper™ Site Survey app for EtherScope™ nXG Portable Network Expert. With AirMapper, EtherScope nXG users can now quickly and easily gather location-based Wi-Fi measurements and create visual heat maps of key performance metrics in the Link-Live Cloud Service. 

The AirMapper app is ideal for quick site surveys of new deployments, change validation, and performance verification.

  • Complete faster and easier Wi-Fi site surveys with an entirely mobile platform.
  • Perform enterprise-grade surveys without the need of a dongle or tethered device.
  • View professional SNR and noise measurements on an easy-to-use handheld instrument.
  • Examine real-world coverage and gain insight into user experience to avoid performance complaints and costly Wi-Fi network re-design—See what the user is experiencing at that moment!
  • Collaborate—Share and visualize survey data through Link-Live Cloud Service (no operating system restrictions).

AirMapper Site Survey on EtherScope nXG provides accurate and complete heat maps by measuring Wi-Fi performance from the perspective of other mobile devices. Users can map RF signal coverage and visualize Wi-Fi network performance at every location on the floor. The ease and portability of this solution enable technicians to quickly troubleshoot or validate the
Wi-Fi network by measuring the real-world experience of mobile device users.

With the cloud-based Link-Live service creating powerful visualizations of the recorded data, centralized engineers can analyze test results from far-flung remote sites without travel.

EtherScope™ nXG with AirMapper­™ Site Survey App

Share and visualize survey data through cloud-based Link-Live Service.

AirMapper™ Site Survey Features

  • Measure Signal Coverage, SNR, and Tx/Rx Rates
  • Validate Wi-Fi Networks Based on True Mobile Device User Experience
  • Identify Access Points and Their Properties
  • Upload and Visualize Survey Results on Link-Live Cloud Service

* Available April 2020 for EtherScope nXG and Q3 2020 for AirCheckG2. AllyCare support required for some functionality.