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No Data Islands – Documentation & Collaboration Speed MTTR

It seems that most network professionals tend to collect a wide variety of point tools for various purposes. From simple ping and port scanners to network discovery tools and packet capture engines, their “toolkits” bulge with various ways of collecting data about their network. And yet, every time one of these tools is used, the data points generate become isolated immediately afterward. The answer may have been found, the problem may have been solved, but how can that data be leveraged in the future? Think about it… every time we ping or tracert from a command line, that information guides us in our immediate need but disappears as soon as the window is closed.

If that test data could be saved – ideally to a central location or shared drive for others on our team to view and consider – huge amounts of time could be saved on future problems. The best piece of information available to help solve a current problem is the answer to the question, “How was this working or performing before?” Or, “What did this look like when we installed it?”

That’s the core reason why NetAlly developed the Link-Live™ Cloud Service. Using Link-Live transforms team workflows with the ability to quickly and easily log, document, and report test activity from all NetAlly handheld network testers and analyzers. Once the instrument is connected to the Link-Live Cloud service, your test results are automatically uploaded to the dashboard for project management, analysis, collaboration, and reporting. You have the option of uploading additional files, screenshots, images, profiles, packet captures, location information, and comments anytime. Best of all, this data is saved for all times and is accessible by your entire team. Smart filtering and search functions make it easy to find that one bit of data that could save you hours of testing and triage time.

Author Bio –
Director of Marketing

Dan Klimke serves as Director, Product Marketing for NetAlly. His 25+ years of experience in the premise cabling and network performance analysis segments of the networking business (first at Leviton Manufacturing, Co. Inc., then at Fluke Networks, Inc., and NETSCOUT Systems, Inc.) provides a deep perspective on the industry and evolution of technologies.