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Roaming Test with the AirCheck™ G2

The ability to roam from one access point to another in a WiFi environment is key to a healthy wireless network.  As devices are moving throughout a building, they need to be able to seamlessly authenticate and associate with APs as the device moves away from one AP and closer to another.

The roaming test on the AirCheck™ G2 provides a means to test the ability to roam from one AP to another for the same SSID.  After connecting to a WiFi network with the AirCheck™ G2, a Tests button will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Selecting Tests will display the tests that may be run after connecting to a WiFi network with the AirCheck™ G2.  This includes the iPerf Test, for measuring throughput on the wireless network, and the Roaming Test.  Tapping on Roaming Test takes us to the Roaming Test configuration screen.

During the Roaming Test, the AirCheck™ G2 will send ICMP Ping packets to the selected device.  The replies to these packets will be used to determine the quality of the connection between the AirCheck™ G2 and the AP to which it is associated.  As packet loss is detected, the connection quality will decrease.  It is important to select a target that will respond to ICMP Ping packets.

Once a target has been selected, click Apply to begin the Roaming Test.  The AirCheck™ G2 will begin pinging the selected target and displaying the Quality Rating over time.

The AP to which the AirCheck™ G2 is associated is displayed at the top of the screen.  As the AirCheck™ G2 roams from one AP to another, the AP name will change, and a red line will be displayed on the Quality graph.  If the Quality Graph shows poor quality and the AirCheck™ G2 is not able to roam to another AP, this indicates a potential dead zone in the wireless coverage.

For a detailed log of the wireless communication between the AirCheck™ G2 and the access points, tap on the Log button at the bottom of the screen.  This log is instrumental in troubleshooting roaming problems.

Here is a video of a roaming test being performed at a client site.  In this video we see the AirCheck™ G2 roaming from one AP to another and a dead zone in the wireless coverage.

Good wireless doesn’t just happen.  Using tools such as the Roaming Test on the NetAlly AirCheck™ G2 helps you ensure you are providing the WiFi coverage required by your organization.