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NetAlly Announces Major Enhancements to AirMapper Ecosystem for More Efficient Workflows in WiFi Deployment and Validation

Multiple enhancements include simultaneous active and passive site surveys, simplified project management in Link-Live cloud service, saving time and enabling collaboration.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA – January 19, 2021 – NetAlly announced additional enhancements to its AirMapper™ WiFi site survey ecosystem of products, promising enhancements in customer workflows by simplifying the process of managing survey projects via their complimentary Link-Live™ Cloud Service.

Just last summer, NetAlly announced the AirMapper Ecosystem, comprised of  AirMapper Site Survey on the AirCheck® G2 and EtherScope® nXG instruments, with site heatmapping in the Link-Live cloud service, or AirMagnet® Survey PRO software. The handheld instruments allow WiFi network professionals (and even non-experts) to perform a site survey without the need to carry around a laptop, use dongles, or tethered devices, while the cloud service provides a central repository and processing for creating, analyzing, and communicating survey data.

The addition of survey project management capabilities via Link-Live provides a major boost in productivity and collaboration for distributed teams conducting surveys at remote sites. A team lead can now create a project in Link-Live, upload and calibrate the floor plan, then automatically push the configured project out to the desired handheld instruments.

Rowell Dionicio, WiFi consultant and co-host of the Clear-to-Send podcast says of the release, “NetAlly removes the frustration with licensing and enables teams to work efficiently on validation surveys. Team members can be miles apart and still work simultaneously on a single project, eliminating delays and unnecessary trips. Link-Live is the tool IT professionals have needed for a long time to help bring value to the business and their clients.”

In addition to further enabling collaboration, NetAlly has added the ability to execute active site surveys with the handheld tools, and the combination of simultaneous active and passive surveys using the EtherScope nXG Portable Network Expert.

“With EtherScope nXG’s dual radios, the surveyor can now – with a single walk – passively collect essential survey data, but also actively connect to the WiFi network as a client, providing valuable information about real connection rates and roaming behavior,” says James Kahkoska, NetAlly CTO. “With the network topology discovery and mapping capability we launched in November, that single walk can now collect not only the passive and active WiFi network metrics, but also map the WiFi network and underlying wired infrastructure.”

 “This is about much more than additional site survey data – this is about business agility, enabling more people to do more, faster,” says Dan Klimke, NetAlly’s Director of Product Marketing. “Deploying tools that simplify the collection of network metrics, provide visualization of that data, and enable seamless collaboration means more efficient use of your staff resources, and reduces or eliminates the use of expensive external contractors. Providing tools like these to network operations or installation teams increases the number of people who can execute the task, rather than relying on sole experts, and enables standardization on the use of site surveys for network management and troubleshooting.”

Other enhancements include: adding of comments/notes to the survey, selective data point deletion, autoscaling of various heatmap metrics (better visualizations), optical power meter function (in EtherScope nXG), enhanced Air Quality metrics including Adjacent Channel Interference detection in the 5GHz band (to detect 40 and 80 MHz-wide overlapping BSSIDs), with Air Quality results now being pushed to Link-Live for analysis and documentation.

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Director of Marketing

Dan Klimke serves as Director, Product Marketing for NetAlly. His 25+ years of experience in the premise cabling and network performance analysis segments of the networking business (first at Leviton Manufacturing, Co. Inc., then at Fluke Networks, Inc., and NETSCOUT Systems, Inc.) provides a deep perspective on the industry and evolution of technologies.

Team members can be miles apart and still work simultaneously on a single project, eliminating delays and unnecessary trips. Link-Live is the tool IT professionals have needed for a long time to help bring value to the business and their clients. - Rowell Dionicio, WiFi consultant, Podcaster