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With thousands of AirMapper™ surveys completed in Link-Live, NetAlly has anonymized and analyzed the data to reveal what technologies and configurations are in use today. The findings reveal insights in various areas, from channel usage to BSSID provisioning, data rates, security types, and more, categorized by site as well as across all BSSIDs.

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Co-Channel interference

5GHz channel usage – no relief here for ACI…65% of networks in 5GHz have issues with their channel plan. The most popular usage is in the UNII-1 band (Ch 36-48). Channel 36 is the most prevalent likely due to equipment defaults. Channel 40 likely takes a dip due to the

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Security Types by site and BSSID

Almost three-quarters of the sites surveyed had an Open access point available. On the other extreme, we see 6% of the sites exhibiting WPA3. WEP hangs on being present at 20% of sites as well as Fast Transition (FT) variants. WPA2-P is seen on more BSSIDs than all the other

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Minimum basic data rates

The lowest possible rates per band remain in the majority although some 5GHz BSSIDs have increased their rates to 12Mbps. Share your thoughts on Twitter! CLICK THE INTERACTIVE CHART BELOW

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