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Channel usage in 2.4GHz by Sites & BSSIDS

Channel usage – no surprises here. Of course, the 2.4GHz band only supports 3 non-overlapping channels 1, 6, and 11, but adjacent channel interference seems to be pervasive. Channels 3 and 9 see an uptick as well – maybe some people think they cause less interference, and some mobile hotspots use these channels by default.

Broken down by BSSIDs, channel 1 is the most popular, likely due to out of box equipment using this channel by default. Of the “bad” channel assignments, channel 9 leads at 1.7% of all BSSIDs seen but seen at 31% of the sites surveyed. This tends to point to ad-hoc APs and hotspots running on bad channels, and perhaps the presence of poorly managed neighbor networks.

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