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WiFi 6/6E Webinar Series

Just when you thought you knew everything necessary to deploy and maintain a WiFi network, a whole new set of channels and frequencies is introduced, along with all the promises of higher speeds and better performance.

Before running out and deploying a pile of access points and clients, join our webinar series to learn all about the good, the bad and the ugly around WiFi 6/6E and how to validate and troubleshoot it.


LEARN: Why-Fi 6/E Geek Stream

Watch the recorded discussion with James Kahkoska and Mike Pennacchi around benefits of having another WiFi band to work with and the challenges that accompany moving to WiFi 6 and 6E. 

PLAN: WiFi 6/ 6E Basics - What you need to know to be successful

We will arm you with the knowledge you need to layout your channel and SSID plans and ensure you have the capacity necessary to support your new network.

MEASURE: WiFi 6/ 6E Validation and Troubleshooting

In this webinar we will take an in-depth look at how to validate and troubleshoot WiFi 6/6E networks. 

DEPLOY: Part 1 - Building a Backend to Support WiFi 6/6E

Now that you have an overview of WiFi 6/6E from our previous webinar series join us as we look at the backend support for WiFi 6/6E. First up in this two-part webinar series is the services required for a successful deployment that tend to be overlooked.

DEPLOY: Part 2 - Fast & Frictionless

Wireless technology puts endless knowledge, entertainment, and creativity within quick reach anywhere we are, providing it is fast and frictionless. WiFi 6/6E makes it fast and provides a secure, frictionless way of connecting.  In this webinar we are going to have a deep dive into how to achieve it.

ACTION: Win a Date with a Handheld (AirCheck™ G3 Giveaway)

In the final part of this series we will show you how you can efficiently leverage the NetAlly handheld testers alongside the free Link-Live cloud service as a collaborative team to support Wi-Fi 6/6E.


Blake Krone, Mobility Consultant
Blake Krone is an independent Mobility Consultant and developer. His primary focus is providing solutions for the next generation of devices and business use cases for many Fortune 500 companies and startups. He has developed training materials and presentations through his experience deploying some of the largest single-site networks, sharing the knowledge and insights gained. When he isn’t designing and deploying networks, he builds data analysis tools and tests client devices and tools.

Mike Pennacchi, Founder of Network Protocol Specialist, LLC
Mike Pennacchi has been troubleshooting networks for the last 25 years. He started out as an application developer and network administrator. When attending an Interop session in 1995, Mike discovered his love for capturing/analyzing network traffic with open source and commercial tools. Since then, Mike has traveled the world resolving network problems and teaching others how to solve their networking issues. Since 1997, Mike has been an Interop instructor, volunteer, sponsor, and lead network engineer.

James Kahkoska, Chief Technology Officer – NetAlly
James Kahkoska has been in Test and Measurement product development for over forty years. He has been involved in the creation of 23 major platforms, countless dot releases and awarded 13 patents. Most of the products were an industry or company first and involved new hardware/ software architectures and industrial designs. James is educated in both CS and EE. His journey took him from development into imagining and architecting products. A true concept evangelist! 


Why WiFi 6/6E?
Steps to Success with WiFi 6/6E