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Extending the Battery Life of an AirCheck G2

With the amount of visibility provided by the Aircheck G2, you can troubleshoot or validate a WiFi network quickly and efficiently. Still, what about those times when you need to use AirMapper to survey a big warehouse or building? Some site survey projects may require you to spend between ten and twelve hours a day walking around with your AirCheck G2. On projects like this, you will want to make sure the battery of your AirCheck G2 will last all day!

An easy way to extend the battery life of an AirCheck G2 by more than nine hours without having to spend time re-charging the internal battery or swapping batteries is by using an external battery pack like the “XTPower MP-10000”. This external battery pack supports a constant output of 12 volts (required to keep the unit powered) and includes the type of barrel plug adapter used by the AirCheck G2. Not only that, the battery pack is small and can be carried on a pocket or backpack. You could even strap it to the back of the unit if you want.

Make the most out of AirMapper on the AirCheck G2! With this solution not only will you be able to perform quick site surveys, but you will also be able to spend all day surveying.