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The Importance of Wi-Fi Connection Speed

Radio signals grow weaker as the distance between the transmitter and receiver increases. Meanwhile, the data rate for a given client will adjust dynamically depending on the distance and signal strength. As the distance between AP and client increase, the signal strength will decrease. As the signal strength decreases, the current data rate cannot be maintained. The transmitting device will drop ....Read more

Use MOS Score to Troubleshoot Voice Over Wi-Fi

The quantitative assessment of the quality of Voice Over Wi-Fi communications is often measured by its MOS score (Mean Opinion Score). The MOS score ranks the quality based on a number in the range of 1 to 5. The original idea behind the MOS score was to take the mean average of all the individuals rating the quality of a test call. That soon changed, as modern network analyzers can calculate MOS ....Read more

Problem: Wireless AP Won’t Join Controller

If you are having problems with wireless AP’s not joining the controller check the following:• Verify that both the power and ethernet link lights are ON at the wireless AP.• Verify switch port to router is Trunked!• Verify switch port to wireless AP is Trunked!• Make sure the wireless AP installer has NOT plugged the RJ-45 into the console port of the AP.• If the switch is not directly connected ....Read more

Documenting Your Wi-Fi Network Doesn't Have to be Painful

It’s true that Wi-Fi network documentation isn’t the most fun thing to do. In fact, it can be such an eye-rolling task that engineers in many organizations avoid it until necessary. In some cases, documentation is considered a low priority task – until a problem strikes. When troubleshooting a critical problem, good Wi-Fi network documentation can mean the difference between quick resolution and c....Read more

The Most Common Reasons for Wi-Fi Roaming Problems

Have you ever noticed how while standing in one place the Wi-Fi network works great, but while walking around the building you get disconnected or the performance drops drastically? Well, the reason for these issues you have encountered is problems with Wi-Fi roaming, which regretfully is one of the most common reasons for Wi-Fi connection and performance problems. After all, roaming behavior is h....Read more

Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems? Here is why...

As network professionals, we have all encountered them, the dreaded Wi-Fi-is-not-working complaints. You’re peacefully getting some work done at the office and then out of nowhere someone comes in and starts complaining about not being able to connect to the wireless network, about getting disconnected from the wireless network all the time, about not being able to connect to the internet, and so ....Read more
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