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EtherScope nXG
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What does a Duplicate IP Address issue look like?

This can create problems for end-users as they try to utilize applications and network services. In this tech tip, we’ll explore how a duplicate IP can happen and what the symptoms are.

Bluetooth Data Logger Troubleshooting and Validation

Bluetooth (BT) data loggers need to connect to the network via a point of access so they can send data to servers, the cloud, apps, etc. They do this by communicating with a BT gateway (which in a way is like an AP) or a mobile device (phones, tablets, etc.).

[Software Updates] AirCheck G3, EtherScope nXG, & LinkRunner 10G v2.3

The recent version 2.3 of the AirCheck™ G3, EtherScope® nXG, and LinkRunner® 10G software further improves network visibility by making it easier to identify Bluetooth or BLE devices, simplifying the task of locating WiFi client devices with AirMapper Site Survey, providing an easier way to import Authorization files, and much more!

Link-Live v7.0 Updates

More visibility for everyone! Bluetooth and BLE devices discovered while using the WiFi app are now visible under the Analysis tool in Link-Live.