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Building Custom NSE and Discovery Scripts

In the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity, having powerful tools like the CyberScope at your disposal is crucial to safeguarding your networks. As we have seen

What is vulnerability scanning?

If you are responsible for protecting IT resources, you know that security threats are constantly evolving, and new vulnerabilities are discovered every day. As such,

What wireless security types are there?

Why do we have multiple wireless security types? Today, WiFi networks are either open with no protection or protected with one of four security types:

Passive and Active vulnerability scanning

Passive and active vulnerability scanning are two approaches to finding weaknesses in an organization’s network. Weaknesses that cybercriminals could maliciously exploit. Every organization must run

What is WiFi security?

Wireless networks have two distinct security challenges in comparison with wired networks. Like wired networks, essential parts of protecting wireless networks are firewalls, intrusion protection

What is a vulnerability scanner?

What is a Vulnerability Scanner?Finding the vulnerabilities that threat actors exploit is as important to your cybersecurity posture as making sure your front door is

What is a packet capture?

In today’s digital world, where remote work and complex network structures have become the norm, the significance of packet capture and analysis cannot be overstated.

Types of Network Topology

Understanding the various types of network topology is foundational to designing, implementing, and managing efficient and effective networks. Network topology refers to the arrangement of