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Downloading AirMapper Floor Plans from Link-Live

AirMapper supports the creation and calibration of floor plans in Link-Live. Once created, the floor plan(s) can be sent to any of the AirCheck G2 or EtherScope nXG units in the user’s organization. To do this, login to Link-Live and select the AirMapper icon on the right side of the screen. After that, navigate to the Survey Projects menu by selecting the purple action button in the lower right a....Read more

How is Wi-Fi 6 Testing Different?

Wi-Fi 6 introduces a lot of new functionality that is designed to improve wireless network efficiency and performance. This is great news, but how will these improvements change the way we test Wi-Fi networks? Well, when it comes to designing, troubleshooting and validation a few things will change: • Because of a technology called OFDMA, Wi-Fi 6 networks do a better job at managing the number of ....Read more