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The Most Common Reasons for Wi-Fi Roaming Problems

Have you ever noticed how while standing in one place the Wi-Fi network works great, but while walking around the building you get disconnected or the performance drops drastically? Well, the reason for these issues you have encountered is problems with Wi-Fi roaming, which regretfully is one of the most common reasons for Wi-Fi connection and performance problems. After all, roaming behavior is h....Read more

How is Wi-Fi 6 Testing Different?

Wi-Fi 6 introduces a lot of new functionality that is designed to improve wireless network efficiency and performance. This is great news, but how will these improvements change the way we test Wi-Fi networks? Well, when it comes to designing, troubleshooting and validation a few things will change: • Because of a technology called OFDMA, Wi-Fi 6 networks do a better job at managing the number of ....Read more

Shopping for a Network Tester? Six Important Considerations

If you’ve had enough of how hard it is to troubleshoot network issues using “typical” means (a laptop, apps on a phone, Wireshark, your network management system, etc.) and have decided to seek out a dedicated test instrument, there are a few key points to consider when evaluating your options: 1. Does it link to the network? Hard to believe, but there are vendors out there calling their product a....Read more

What does a Duplicate IP Address issue look like?

Within a subnet, it is important that only one station is assigned to an IP address. Otherwise, this can create problems for end-users as they try to utilize applications and network services. In this tech tip, we’ll explore how a duplicate IP can happen and what the symptoms are. How it happens In most cases, duplicate IP conflicts are due to configuration mistakes. Perhaps a technician added a d....Read more

Why Does the Performance Test Use UDP (Instead of TCP)?

A popular feature of the EtherScope nXG is the Network Performance Test. This allows the EtherScope to send simultaneous streams of test traffic to up to four remote endpoints. These end devices can be configured to act as remote peers (where they can, in turn, send a separate stream of data in the opposite direction) or as reflectors (where they simply reflect the EtherScope traffic back to the o....Read more

Site Security Audit Solutions

Perhaps the fastest growing and most diverse part of the network is at the edge. Compared with more controlled and limited aggregation points such as the WAN, the edge is where the sprawl is – a plethora of devices ranging from regular laptops to legacy devices with older authentication schemes, to BYOD devices and most recently, the rapidly growing number of IoT devices. Access is also complicate....Read more